Welcome Home – Restoration 3 Takes Off

Tatooine, Mos Eisley – May 28, 2021 – At 6pm Central Time (CT) the Restoration team is ecstatic to announce that its permanent live server for Star Wars Galaxies will go online.

We proudly present to Star Wars fans new and old, a unique blend of content from every era of SWG; plus the reworking of key mechanics to address systemic problems that persisted in the live version of the game.

Players will receive a special founder’s gift for creating a character during the launch weekend: a custom R3 Golden Cybernetic plaque to decorate your house and commemorate the server’s launch, and an in-game shirt that will give your characters a small XP boost.

Star Wars Galaxies R3 Key Features:

  • A player driven economy – certain rewards and mechanics have been removed, worked into the crafting tree, or made cosmetic only – to ensure players are the driving force in the market.
  • Fight in space and on land – Jump to Lightspeed is fully implemented, and players can experience group squadron action in PvE or PvP combat.
  • Explore a sprawling sandbox world – From complete character skill customization, player cities, guilds, crafting empires, colour schemes, pets – make your character truly unique.
  • Exciting force system – With a custom Jedi unlock method designed to remain mysterious, our lightsaber friends are again wondrous, rare, and valuable. However the path to becoming a Jedi is dangerous, and death penalties are severe.
  • Community server-wide progression – Individual actions will add up, with players being able to open up different parts of the game by performing certain prerequisites, giving a group sense of purpose to end game content.
  • A dedicated development team – The Restoration 3 team listens to player feedback through the Senate system, and has exciting new content planned to keep every player busy for years to come.

About The Restoration 3 Team

The team is a  bunch of Star Wars fans who enjoyed Galaxies in it’s Combat Upgrade form, and have just enough knowledge and passion to present this project to the world. Building off it’s prior iterations in Restoration 1 & 2 – R3 is the culmination of past efforts and represents our vision of a fun and rewarding game.

As a small team however, Restoration 3 is not launching bug free. We will depend on our active and growing community to report issues, and provide balancing insight.

The work will continue, and in addition to future planned custom content and systems, we’re excited for what the future will bring with the next chapter of Star Wars Galaxies.