Smuggler Update – Patch Notes 5/13/21

We’ve got an exciting patch for you today, with a ton of fixes and features for you to play with, including something very special for Smugglers!

This patch does include a client update, so remember to run your patchers


  • All slicing components are now obtainable ingame
  • The contraband/underworld system has been enabled, with a few changes to make it fit the CU better. Biggest change being the replacement of the Illegal Pistol Module with a choice of slicing components.


  • CH pet revive and heal abilities should now work again
  • fix for enzyme extractor. Now requires the correct skillbox


  • The TIE Defender now is usable from the TIE Experimental Vessels skillbox, rather than Ace, to mirror the requirements of the Havoc and the T-wing.
  • A-wing and Arc-170 bugs fixed


  • Master Bounty Hunter should now be required for player bounty missions
  • All slicing components now drop from high-end NPC bounties


  • Merchant XP should now be working
  • Kommerken Steak schematic is now able to be learned by Chefs
  • Bomb Droids are no longer obscenely overpowered.
  • Fix for artisan items requiring structure experimentation and assembly
  • 5x Crafting XP modifier added, the resource grind is the real grind after all


  • More progress on the Jedi life cost system
  • Cloak models replaced with CU-era models to reduce clipping
  • 5x Quest XP modifier in place, Legacy should now scale better with player CL
  • RLS chests have had their loot tables modified
  • More Junk Dealer prices have been nerfed
  • The Dirge song, Calypso song, and Pei Yi Dance are now obtainable by Musicians and Dancers
  • Some unwanted NGE items have been removed from NPC vendors