Restoration 3 Launches May 28, 2021

Tatooine, Mos Eisley – May 3, 2021 – After months of testing our open beta, the Restoration 3 team is ready to welcome you and all other fans back to once again experience the best Star Wars story ever told, yours.

On May 28, whether you plan on grouping up to take on the massive Krayt dragons of Tatooine, setting up a crafting empire on the rolling orange hills of Corellia, or plunging yourself deep into the Galactic Civil War – we are proud to present that Star Wars Galaxies is back, with all the greatest elements from each era of the game present and ready for you to explore.

A Unique Star Wars MMO Experience

Restoration 3 will provide players the ability to progress the server to additional content. Launching with Jump to Lightspeed and Kashyyk implemented, groups and guilds will work together to beat certain bosses and move server progression forward. Once this is done, other well known areas will become available one by one, such as Mustafar and Heroic instances like Hoth. 

R3 will also feature the addition of custom content and systems as time goes by. We endeavour to keep things fresh for players, so that their Star Wars home is one they can keep coming back to year after year.

Lastly the careful inclusion of Jedi as a difficult to unlock and mysterious class, credit sinks and systems designed to disincentivize AFK play, the removal of economy damaging systems like instant travel vehicles, and an initial cap of two character slots per player, means you and others will have to depend on each other to fulfill different roles within Star Wars Galaxies society as the game was first designed to do.

Server Events & Launch Weekend

To celebrate our open Beta’s close, we will have server events from the 24th to 27th. This will be an opportunity to meet friends, test out templates, and have some fun.

Our Discord will also feature the first Galactic Find A Friend System, this will be a great way for users to join chat rooms filtered by old Star Wars Galaxies servers in an attempt to reconnect with lost friends, and make new acquaintances. 

Lastly all users will receive a special gift for creating a character during the launch weekend. A custom R3 Golden Cybernetic plaque to decorate your house and commemorate the server’s launch, and an in-game shirt that will give your characters a small XP boost.