Patch Notes: 7/11/21

*Blackwing canister collection locations adjusted to allow completion of the quest.
*Nova Orion vendor should now display their store.
*Corellian Times vendor should now display their store.
*Factional themeparks have been re-balanced around solo play.

*Cities can now actually hire trainers.
*City info prompt now displays the correct string for max trainers.

Creature Handler
*Babies should no longer initiate aggro with players.
*Fixed an issue with CH not being able to tame at novice.

Exploit Fixes
*You can no longer go to Kneeling, or Prone while knocked down.
*The instant deathblow exploit has been fixed.

*Two missing instruments, including the xantha have now been added to Musician.

*Fixed weapon specific accuracy SEA modifiers.

*Collections that previously awarded Helper Monkey holocrons now award their intended rewards.

*DE-10 no longer has its sac capped at 100
*D-50 deathrain pistol can no longer be crafted with a sac cost below cap.

*Thimble is now a creature handler, and has an elite forage worm as a pet.