Patch Notes 6/24/21

This patch includes a client update, so make sure you are on the current version of the launcher.

Creature Handler:
Pets will now stand from knockdown based on their cunning stat.
Creature Action regen should be fixed
Hitting for 0 damage should be fixed
Pet XP has been boosted
Babies now spawn again, you may tame wild pets. On successful taming, you will be granted an egg

Bolotaur Mount quest NPC can now be spoken to in his cell.

Enhancers should now use the highest version of the skill that you know.

Reverse Engineering:
Making tapes should be 80% easier

Speed has been adjusted again.
Accuracy and defense have been adjusted so that tapes matter.
Mind regen has been fixed.
Area Taunt functions now

Armor hindrances now show on the armor

Vendor barking, map registry, and other broken merchant abilities should now be functional

Chat Server stability improved

Player Cities:
Recruit skill trainers should be functional now

Insurance Cost are now reasonable

Steaming Rock collection fixed. Go get that server first!

After much deliberation, Thimble has given up the Kloo Horn and has taken up the Mandoviol

R3 June Community HoloNet

Hello Restoration 3 players! Each team member would like to share a little behind the curtain: what they’re working on, what they’re excited about, and who Thimble is.

Halo (Project Lead)
Its been an exciting and challenging first few weeks, now I feel things are starting to get squared away and balanced out like I envisioned. Moving forward I am excited to finish up Commando and begin working on Ranger. Commando is in a pretty good spot but it’s missing a big part, grenades! I didn’t forget about them, I just have not had time to add them. We will see some cool AOE effects for Commando with grenades coming soon.

The last few weeks have been… insane.
Chaotic, miserable, stressful, and amazing.
What we’ve built here is something we’ve wanted to do for years. This has been the dream, and since launch, reality has exceeded that dream in every way possible.

Sure, the launch was a little rocky, but it was rocky for the best reason possible: because so many more people than expected shared our dream for the server. It’s been amazing logging in and seeing this game feel alive in a way that I haven’t seen since live. We have entertainers entertaining and socializing, groups playing together, friends and enemies being made, guilds forming and splintering, Darth Friggin Maul playing, and a billion samplers grabbing whatever that is spawned behind the starport on Kashyyyk right now.

Life is good, and Resto is Besto, and I am so glad to be here, playing and sharing this game that I love with all of you.

Katalaw (Dev)
It’s been an eventful (and sometimes sleepless) couple of weeks for the server launch, that’s for sure! Big shout out to the awesome community for the support and patience as we passed over 5000 accounts and 700 unique concurrent sign-ins! I’ve been hard at work on server stability, including launching a new and faster website, improved authentication server, and just this week an auto-updating launcher!

There’s still a lot of things on my wishlist, but we still have more work to do on getting things stable, so I’m hard at work on scaling up Restoration to an auto-scaling multi server. That means fewer restarts, less email spam, and more breaks for the hamsters spinning their wheels on the chat server!

Since launch I’ve been focusing on bug fixes and user tickets, working on rebuilding the script(s) for taming babies from a lair, and working with ‘N’ on our first custom quest (currently at the draft stage). 

Archic (Dev Intern): It is a pleasure to join the Restoration 3 team! I’m looking forward to meeting the community and helping make R3 an awesome experience. I have been learning the behind the scenes systems and getting ready to perform any tasks that are assigned to me.

Looking forward to continuing to play on the server! See you in game 👋

HSlayer (Art Lead)
While working on the R3 Project I don’t just work on new content which has been showcased here and there but I also get to address some very old graphical issues that persisted for the entire time the game was live. Everything from textures pointing to localized locations such as the JTL terminals and shipwright workstations, which then caused them to not light up like every other terminal in the game.

Even cases where the wrong texture was applied such as the seeker droid which has been eternally sourcing its texture from the probot while it was obviously intentionally supposed to resemble Maul’s probe droid from Episode I.

As I move forward I will continue to tackle these base game issues until hopefully the default appearance box will become just a memory.

Terminals now glow properly
Proper droid textures!

I’m having a great summer – between wonderful weather, camping, and biking, I was happy to devote some time to Restoration 3. With the help of Sky, we were able to pull some stats from the first week of the server which I think are pretty interesting:    

(Rebels are the underdog, in space!)
(Since then we’ve had almost 1,000+ accounts sign up, super exciting!)
(Many Bothans died to give us these statistics)