Patch Notes 5/25/21

Harvesting now requires novice scout

Typo preventing weapon speed mods from increasing melee weapon speed corrected

Pilot skills should be trainable now even if you have 0 skill points remaining

Fix for bug allowing knocked down players to stand automatically sometimes fixed

Combat Medic Attribute debuffs should now actually be debuffs

missing RE combos added

Cybernetic extended range corrected

Bacta Spray Action and Mind Cost fixed

A number of broken strings have been fixed

Smuggler missions should now be fully working as intended

Shock collar now shrinks pets instead of enlarging them

Aurellia village has been nuked in anticipation of launch

Vet rewards have been fully disabled

Many vet rewards have been moved into the RLS chests

Credit loot nerf, to further encourage spin groups over afk farming

All slicing components should now be obtainable