Patch Notes 4/24/21

Using the Enzyme Extractor should now correctly require a Scout skillbox instead of a Creature Handler one

Sample DNA should now correctly require scout instead of Bio-Engineer


Food and drink filling system rewritten

More checks for running out of skillpoints

Weapons should no longer revert to their NGE range (4 melee, 64 rifle for example)

Skill Trainers should once again remember what they’re supposed to be training

The system that handles the skill requirements for some items has been modified to better make use of the Pre-NGE skillboxes.


Crafting stations now correctly use the Structure Assembly and Structure Experimentation stats, rather than the Artisan stats.

The following weapons have had their stats at re-craft fixed:

1h Sword
“Nova Edge”” Sword
Sith Sword
Crusader “”Templar”” Sword
Legendary Stun Baton

2h Sword
Legendary Power Hammer

Tenebrous Edge

MagnaGuard Electrostaff
Gand Shockprod Staff
Legendary Nightsister Polearm

WESTAR-M5 Blaster Rifle
C-M “Reaper” Sniper Rifle
Crusader M-XIV Rifle
Legendary T21 Rifle
Jinkins J-1 Rifle
E-Web Rifle
BWDL19 Rifle
A280 Blaster Rifle

WESTAR-34 Blaster Pistol
C-M “”Dead Bolt”” Pistol
Crusader M-XII Pistol
Legendary FWG5 Pistol
DH-18A Blaster Pistol Prototype

C-M “”Frag Storm”” Heavy Shotgun
Pulse Cannon
Crusader M-XX Heavy Rifle
CR-1 Blast Cannon

N’Gant-Zarvel 9118 Carbine
Crusader M-XIII Carbine
Charric Carbine
Legendary E5 Carbine

Jinzu Razor
Fifth Generation One-Handed Lightsaber
Fifth Generation Two-Handed Lightsaber
Fifth Generation Polearm Lightsaber
Juyo Saberstaff
One-Handed Sith Saber
Fifth Generation One-Handed Sith Saber
Two-Handed Mysterious Lightsaber
Fifth Generation Two-Handed Mysterious Lightsaber
Old-Republic One-Handed Lightsaber
Old-Republic Two-Handed Lightsaber
Double-Bladed Darth Phobos Lightsaber
Fifth-Generation Double-Bladed Darth Phobos Lightsaber