Patch Notes 3/10/21

Sorry for the delayed patch, it had to be pushed back due to a coyote attack.

Squad Leader:
Squad Leader has been implemented, and is now a testing focus!
Squad Leader is a very complex profession so expect bugs and issues and report them ASAP

Tusken King Heroic:
-All tuskens have been reduced from level 88 to level 85 EXCEPT for the tuskens in the final phase
-All gold tuskens have been set to silver EXCEPT for the tuskens in the final phase
-Some silvers have been set to normal difficulty.

Event Boss:
-Dot Type, and Strength custom values work
-Smack talk dialog options now work
-Fixed an issue with the boss attacking after he goes invulnerable
-Fixed an issue with the boss losing hate on the intended target
-Revive options reduced to 5 seconds instead of 30
-Removed debug text

Player Cities:
-Skill trainers are now available to be placed in cities.

-Nym’s Starmap Quest is no longer checking for NGE skills

-Basic 35 attachments are now available from the frog. (Armor, and clothing only) If you want exotic, and/or weapon mods you’ll need to make an RE crafter

-Removed debug text when training players

-fixed armor hindrance
-added ranged weapon hindrance
-Insurance terminals are now spawning in all cloning facilities.
-Insurance terminals are no longer spawning at 0 0 0 on some planets.
-Bio-Engineer trainers are no longer spawning at 0 0 0 on some planets.

-Combat animations have been slowed down to match CU speeds. This was a huge project, so please report any bugged animations you run across.

-Bug Reports page added to replace the Discord channel. it can be found HERE