Patch 2.5


Resource Smugglers Event, Running in game now. System Messages denote location of NPCs spawned


Some Combat Log string errors have been fixed
Knock Down Recovery sticking in que fixed
Village Phase 1 Crafting crash Fixed
Smuggler Overwelming Shot stability issue fixed
Ris armor components fixed
Boba Hard Daily Stability issue fixed
Stability Issues with Combat Medic Fixed
Black Sun Intro quest re-written for better stability


Weapon Slicing Implemented


Doctor now buffing correct substats instead of primary stats for closer CU Emulation


Brawler Taunt overhauled and functional


New Content
NPC AI Improved
Smuggler Slicing Components now drop from various NPCs

Housing wont destroy anymore

New Features
Resource Container size increased
Bounty Hunter Mission loot tables improved
Elemental Damage modified, Only weapons that should have elemental damage have it, instead of all Weapons.
Player Combat Level displaying in Character sheet
Combat adjustments for more accurate Emulation
Towers Nerfed
Weapon Crafting Adjusted, Better Weapons craft easier now, Better Emulation of CU
Flytext improved in various spots for closer CU Emulation
Resource Quality tapes implemented, Now improving Resources up to 10%
New Veteran Rewards
Publish 3 Gifts awarded until the end of January

Village Gate, Must drop any ranking from Death Watch, Black Sun, Ect, Ect before starting Village trials
Force Powers improved damage across the board
Force Choke Dot Damage improved
Force Strike now on a different Cooldown Group

Some UI Improvements