Hotfix 2.03

  • Removed Rori Restuss as a Trial City for Jedi
  • Disabled Village phase3 Capture Enemy Leadership Testing mode
  • Fixed Force Infusion Again
  • Fixed Pve Armorbreak issue
  • Fixed Level scaling PvE EXP issue
  • Account Creation Bug fixed relating to Vet Rewards
  • Force Powers Cost Updated to Pub 19+
  • Sabers gen 1-3 FC lower
  • Tusken Tweaks for drops
  • Force Armor updated to later CU Values – Now stacks on top of Innate Jedi
  • DWB/BSB Mandalorian hardening Agent quest waypoint fixed
  • Groups now cap missions lvl of 85
  • Regain Consciousness now puts Force Ghost on for 30 seconds to “get out
    of jail”
  • Force Choke Damage Over Time Fixed
  • Force Powers Base Accuracy Increased
  • Jedi NPCs now have blue or green lightsabers, rather than red ones.
  • Strings for collection kits, and flytext fixed.
  • new Tapes added to loot table: Ranged and melee accuracy and speed

Hotfix 2.01

  • Bols now on Mission terminals for high level players
  • Fixed a bug with Sith Shadow Thug HAM
  • Fixed Restuss NPC spawn timers
  • Cleaned up Sensor array code, more transparent
  • Removed unneeded NPC spawns
  • Exploit checks for pre knight trials – Won’t allow players with DWB/BSB/Imp/Reb ranks to do trials if they had rank before.

Patch 2.0 Released

  • Combat queue completely rewritten for much smoother, more responsive, and cu-accurate experience. All abilities now have the correct cooldowns, and because of this, the “repeat tax” has been removed.
  • lightsaber crafting rebalanced.
  • lightsaber elemental damage added.
  • pearl and crystal caps adjusted. max damage decreased, speed increased.
  • over 30 completely new, resto-exclusive jedi robes added.
  • style 2 jedi and style 2 sith robes obtainable from new bosses. 4-5 of these bosses spawn on each planet.
  • two new, resto-exclusive, armor sets (imperial saber guard, and imperial shadow guard) added.
  • FRS and PVPRS unlocked! The first tier of Jedi, Sith, Black Sun, Death Watch, Stormtrooper, and Rebel SpecForce are now obtainable.
  • RESTUSS IS HERE. Complete restuss quests for a number of exciting rewards such as armor, weapons, and resource deeds.
  • Knight trials for force sensitive have been added. This branching quest acts as the entry quest for Jedi and Sith FRS.
  • death watch and black sun bunkers now enterable. bunkers contain many quests for rep spendable on faction vendors inside bunker. mandalorian armors, bounty hunter armor, jetpacks, and mandalorian weapons available on bunker vendors as schematics. purchased with black sun and death watch rep.
  • Mort and the Trade Federation Viceroy have both returned from their vacation to Space Vegas and appear ingame as intended again.
  • CoB and similar buffs now show up in buff tray
  • New login and loading screen.
  • NGE houses now have real doors. No more sliding flowers.
  • palette tweak: NGEblack lightened slightly to appear black without losing clothing details.
  • palette tweak: lightsaber colors yellow, dark yellow, orange, and brown have been adjusted to look better, and more unique.
  • armor break equation rewritten to be more CU-accurate.
  • a large number of abilities tweaked to be more CU-accurate.
  • CU npc stats added in. NPCs now have and accuracy and defense stat like players. Elite and Boss difficulty npc’s have an armor rating like player armor.
  • Combat Level set to CU levels for all NPCs
  • NPC CL now viewable in /examine
  • NPC stats set to match each NPC’s CL and difficulty rating. Accurate to the LiveCU level table.
  • killing enemies in corellian corvette no longer crashes server.
  • gaining vis as a jedi now automatically marks them as special forces
  • fix for cybernetics crafting not accepting polymer
  • Paddy trials NPCs no longer spawn inside walls
  • Talking to shipwright trainer no longer crashes server
  • Color Crystals no longer degrade with use.
  • Corvette Loot adjusted

Character Transfer Event

Soon we will be launching RestorationCU’s first major content patch (Publish 2: A Call to Arms) Which will include our FRS and Non-Jedi PVPRS systems, our version of Restuss, a number of new PVE areas, and a lot of custom content and items never before seen on any swg server.
As a precursor to this patch, we will be running a Character Transfer event.
For the next two weeks, new players to Resto will be able to receive a jump-start on their templates, along with a number of items to help them establish themselves on the server.

Combat Character:
Choice of 1 Elite combat profession mastery (including commando)
1 small generic house
1 full set of Ubese armor
1 weapon matching chosen profession

Crafting Profession:
Choice of 1 Elite crafter profession mastery (not including merchant)
1 small generic house
1 crafting station for their class
1 factory for their class

skip the badge grind and be granted glowy
1 weapon of their choice
1 small generic house

Full mastery of all 4 entertainer trees
1 small generic house

Limit 1 character per account.
Veteran players to resto are also eligible for all rewards, with the exception of glowy.
Players who played on the Pre-CU Resto server are considered transfers, not veterans, for this event and are eligible for glowy.
Event Lasts from Tuesday, June 19th through Tuesday July 3rd

To apply, contact either Halo or JarJar Binks on the RestorationCU discord

Patch Notes: Version 1.07 6/17/2018

  • Added Armor rewards to Rebel and Imperial Themepark
  • Updated Themepark rewards for Credits, EXP and items
  • Updated Jabbas themepark EXP, Credits and Rewards
  • Fixed Force Cloak, Only usable Outdoors
  • Fixed Doctor buffs Order
  • Added Small Fork of NPE Crafting Quest with minor rewards
  • Fixed NPE melee quest up to the current part that works
  • Fixed Typo in Revive player
  • Fixed Adrenal Boost, now able to buff other players
  • Added Mechanic ability to repair disabled speeders
  • Made Hero Of Tatooine Ring usable by Jedi but extremely costly
  • Fixed Food stacking to be more accurate to the CU
  • Added ability to Recolor Bone Armor
  • Removed Ability to recolor Clonetrooper quest reward
  • Revamped Cybernetic Crafting resource requirements
  • Modified Cybernetics to be equip-able
  • Ui tweak: reduced size of combat queue
  • Fix for speeder decay

Patch Notes: Version 1.06 6/10/2018

  • Center of Being, Force Aura, and Duelist Stance Adjusted to be more accurate to CU
  • Weapon crafting quality of life improvements (note: resource weights are not currently displaying on ranged weapons. This will be fixed in an upcoming patch, but for the time being you can remember that it’s CD-66% OQ-33%)
  • Fix for bug with Jedi life count restoration
  • Lowered XP for killing Morkov’s droids
  • Fixed the Theed Curator Droid
  • Fix for ability quickbar transparency
  • Fix for invisible parenthesis in chat
  • Combat Queue now shows 2 abilities to be more useful
  • Fix for crash on NPC bounty hunt completion