Patch Notes 3/18/21

Reverse Engineering:
Possible fix to exotic stats being applied to non-exotic sockets

Innate Species Abilities re-implemented

Nym’s Starmap quest should actually work this time… probably

New feature implemented to fight AFK farmers on the live server. Credits will no longer be lootable with a full inventory.

Patch Notes 3/10/21

Sorry for the delayed patch, it had to be pushed back due to a coyote attack.

Squad Leader:
Squad Leader has been implemented, and is now a testing focus!
Squad Leader is a very complex profession so expect bugs and issues and report them ASAP

Tusken King Heroic:
-All tuskens have been reduced from level 88 to level 85 EXCEPT for the tuskens in the final phase
-All gold tuskens have been set to silver EXCEPT for the tuskens in the final phase
-Some silvers have been set to normal difficulty.

Event Boss:
-Dot Type, and Strength custom values work
-Smack talk dialog options now work
-Fixed an issue with the boss attacking after he goes invulnerable
-Fixed an issue with the boss losing hate on the intended target
-Revive options reduced to 5 seconds instead of 30
-Removed debug text

Player Cities:
-Skill trainers are now available to be placed in cities.

-Nym’s Starmap Quest is no longer checking for NGE skills

-Basic 35 attachments are now available from the frog. (Armor, and clothing only) If you want exotic, and/or weapon mods you’ll need to make an RE crafter

-Removed debug text when training players

-fixed armor hindrance
-added ranged weapon hindrance
-Insurance terminals are now spawning in all cloning facilities.
-Insurance terminals are no longer spawning at 0 0 0 on some planets.
-Bio-Engineer trainers are no longer spawning at 0 0 0 on some planets.

-Combat animations have been slowed down to match CU speeds. This was a huge project, so please report any bugged animations you run across.

-Bug Reports page added to replace the Discord channel. it can be found HERE

Patch Notes 2/22/21

Client Improvements:

Improvements to the warmup bar
Self healing animations should be working
Misc client improvements

Creature Handler:
Lair egg searching chance improved

Patch Notes: 2/16/2021

Today’s patch includes many improvements to the client and will require a client update, so please run your launchers.

Your reticule is no longer stuck with the attack icon.

Character Sheet:
Accuracy, speed, and Defense for you current weapon is now displayed

the Nextaxction and Defaultaction are now functional. Default action can be assigned by double-clicking left mouse button

Creature Handler:
Lair egg search is now once again functional.

Patch Notes 2/4/2021

Today’s patch will require a client update, so please run your launchers.

-Resolved an issue with beta Jedi trainer not being assigned
-A waypoint is now added to your datapad when assigned a trainer.

Blue Frog
-You can now get a heavy weapon from the frog.
-Asteroid resources have been added to the frog.
-More resource options have been added to the frog.
-Fixed an issue with the back button after learning skills from the frog.

-The Element Processing System Fuse should now be craftable.

-Insurance terminals are now functional, and you can now insure your items. (1% damage to insured items, and 5% to uninsured items).

Thank you for helping us with testing and please keep up the great work

Milestone Reached! Restoration III Beta Phase 2

Greetings SWG Community.

First I want to say thank you to all of our testers during both closed beta and open beta. The community has done an excellent job of finding and reporting issues.

While we have a handful of task at hand, I am satisfied with early game difficulty and progression. The combat upgrade was never tested from a blank slate like this, since the original release carried players pre cu characters over, it was interesting to watch and adjust the server according.

In its current state we need to increase tester activity, a large part of the community does not want to invest time in the beta because of the future wipe. While that’s understandable, in order to have the highest quality possible server release, we need more active players.

Enter phase 2, I have coined this name as the next step for the restoration 3 beta. During this phase testing focus will adjust to the end game content. Heroics, pvp and dungeons will be the primary focus of this phase. To encourage new people to join in, we are adding a Blue-Frog test terminal. The Frog will have skills, basic weapons and armor to outfit your player, as well as resources for crafting.

In addition, phase 2 will bring Jedi testing, there is no unlock for Jedi, we will give padawan trial eligibility per weekly events to players. Different aspects of the unlock will be added for our internal testing but mostly scrambled to keep the final Jedi unlock a mystery.
Finally, the heroics will start getting tuned and the mustafar dungeons scaled. All instances are intended to be done by a full group, with the influx of players who are able to bypass the grind time commitment, we hope each instance will be well polished.

The battle of Restuss phase 1 will enable with the patch, we will be doing a live event of the Restuss progression from phase 1 to 3, this is an exciting live event we are looking forward to having. The gcw bases will all be setup for pre nge gameplay, we intend to have events around testing these before the server goes live. Base busting is a personal favorite feature of mine and I want to ensure it’s quality for release. During this time we expect pvp to have some issues, however it’s critical we find and correct them before release. The /showPvPrating command returns adding the much needed classic feel to pvp.

Closing I want to thank everyone again for being a part of this community, we are excited for the release of Restoration 3 in the near future.


Commando and Creature Handler update

Greetings Restoration, We have a pretty large update for you today.

Commando is enabled and playable

Creature Handler is now playable

Reverse Engineering base chance fixed

Cybernetic Ranged Arm increased Range functional

PvE Armorbreak now works correctly

Silver and Gold Elites Difficulty adjusted


Creature handler info: DNA extraction comes from Scout, Ranger gets a boost to DNA extraction. Bio Engineer will craft pets. Scout has a new ability in preparation for Ranger overhall

Commando and Creature Handler both have some major changes and additions that will need significant testing and balancing adjustments. However we look forward to this latest addition to the server.

Wednesday Weekly Update 9/23/2020

This weeks highlighted feature is the tape system that was implemented this week. Below this update you will see the way that the CU tapes are now working. As with all crafting professions, you will want to be fully prepared to make top end tapes. To start, get out there and survey to get your cybernetic RE arm! For the big updates for the server this week please see below

-Take your fight to the beetle cave! Instance has been tuned to CU stats

-Crafters rejoice! Many schematics listed as NGE classes have been corrected. More to follow -It is now more socially acceptable to die as your local Doctor or Combat Medic can revive you.

-If you are however dying, speak to your local RE guy (or gal) to get you a full set of tapes. Tape and RE system has been implemented -There is a “warmly” increasing chance that weapons from ChuGonDar weapons have started to be converted to CU professions

-Many UI fixes have been implemented for your viewing pleasure -It is hunting season and with that, creatures now are behaving as normal creatures should. This is in preparation of the CH and BE implementations.

-Lastly, please save the galaxy its fate is in your hands. Fate of the Galaxy final boss has been tuned for CU combat

Constitution = Toughness Boost

Stamina = Endurance Boost

Strength = Melee General

Precision = Ranged General

Agility = Defense General

Luck = Opportune Chance

Stats included in each are as follows

Toughness Boost = Health boost, Defense vs Dots

Endurance Boost = Action and Mind boost, Defense vs States

Melee General = Melee Speed, Melee Accuracy, Melee Defense, Defense vs States

Ranged General = Ranged Speed, Ranged Accuracy, Ranged Defense, Crit Chance

Defense General = General Speed, Melee Defense, Ranged Defense, Defense vs Posture

Change Opportune Chance = General Accuracy, Defense vs States, Defense vs Posture Change, Damage, Healing Efficiency

Also, This Thursday, September 24th at 7pm EST, there will be an invasion event in Coronet, Corellia

Restoration III Beta Launch

THE COMBAT UPGRADE LIVES! Welcome to Restoration III, Star Wars Galaxies fans. We are excited to announce that Restoration III Open Beta has arrived. There has been a lot of excitement building around this project and we are thrilled you have chosen to join us! While we have spent countless hours testing in the alpha phase, there are going to be bugs, there are going to be exploits, and there are going to be crashes. To better report these bugs we have assigned Senators that will field any bugs or exploits that you encounter. Please refer to the #Senate-Seats in discord for the respective position for the bug you are reporting.

There are a few professions that are not completed yet and will not work as intended until further notice. These professions are Squad Leader, Commando, Creature Handler, and the Bio-Engineer. Other professions are functionally working however, expect there to be a few bugs with those professions.

While we welcome all Quality of Life suggestions, please understand the focus of the open beta currently is to resolve bugs and exploits. If you have QOL suggestions, please hang on to those until there is an announcement from the Senate in regards to QOL.

Finally, this is a Beta. This is not the live server. There will be a wipe from Beta to the live server. The wipe will be announced in expectation of the live server.

Restoration III and the future of the Restoration Project

As you may or may not have heard, Restoration Gaming has begun work on a new Combat Upgrade server based on the NGE source code called Restoration III.

This new server will allow us to better emulate the combat and balance of the Combat Upgrade than the current live server RestorationCU, as well as include some NGE features that we consider an upgrade over what the CU had, such as the NGE creature crafting system, the reverse engineering system, and the option of levelling through questing.

It will also include most NGE content, as well as some custom content. Kashyyyk, Mustafar, and Jump to Lightspeed will all be included at launch, as well as the Heroic Instances.

Jedi on Restoration III will retain many of the “hardcore” mechanics implemented on Restoration Classic and RestorationCU.

The current publicly accessable server is RestorationCU (Resto2), an open-source Combat Upgrade based server built on Core3 (the swgemu codebase). Feel free to play here for the time being, as we have no intention of wiping or shutting Resto2 down even after the new server launches.

To discuss Restoration III, or see the latest developement info, join our discord channel HERE. We are also looking to fill a galactic senate, and QA positions for Restoration III. you can apply for those positions by direct messaging either myself or Halo on Discord.

We are at capacity at capacity for the current wave of testing, but we will announce the next wave on Discord when we are ready to increase the TC population. Applications are still accepted in the mean time HERE