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Whither to, Ranger?

I believe seeing that Ranger is yet to be (re)vamped but could we get an intended direction, i.e., will we be CU and therefore hunters, or take the NGE route and become spy-assassins? (Personally, I hope we go CU as NGE was the reason I quit playing Ranger.)

Looking at the skill tree and after confirming with JarJar that the closest one can get to old Ranger is Master Scout with a little Creature handler for Creature Knowledge, I believe the answer is Spy. It is a true shame especially since master Scout / Combat profession does not put you at 80. So one needs to take something else, BH / Creature Handler and Squad Leader all let you max them / Scout / A weapon type.




I am trying very hard to reserve judgement until after the release because we really have very little information, but I am hoping it still has a wilderness feel. The road map describes it as a stealth and exploration class. 

IMHO. in pre-CU and CU, Ranger was the primary class where Master Rifle made a lot of compatibility sense (Smuggler/BH/SL all require pistols, Commando does Heavy weapons, CH/CM made some sense although the crowd control of Carbines probably made more.)  Anyway, there was huge outcry in NGE over the change in the Ranger role, at least until folks found that a spy was nearly the perfect jedi assassin and was also way overpowered in pvp. Without a "hunter" class, there really is very little reason for rifles at all.

BH / Rifles always works as BH requires xp in all 3 types of main weapons. 


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