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Vornskr Rangers

Guild Name: Vornskr Rangers

Contacts: Duzenbury (Wynter), Dantris

Faction: Rebel/Neutral

Focus: Learning/Teaching, Crafting, Economy, and high-end PvE. PvP will happen at a later date, or as desired.

Description: We are a mature group of gamers looking to have fun, this guild is dedicated to crafting and economy, as well as high level PvE. Are you new? We love to teach and share our joy for this wonderful sandbox. Don't go alone! Are you a veteran? Come join us for drama free groups and strong teamwork, we have goals and a vision. Above all we have one core mantra - Play to have fun.

We have plans for a Research City ASAP and enough members to get to a shuttle soon after. Our early plans also include ensuring people are geared and able to group for either Legacy quests or spin groups as you wish, we will be hosting teams of our own to push through and level up!

Is space your thing? We have a dedicate group of people who love space and plan to host group content up there as well.

We're small, but growing, join us and help us make this server great!

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Bump for the PA that will have the best looking city in ALL the LAND

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