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UI, Friends, Chat

**I know everyone is working hard to improve the game. I'm not being pushy with this post, just looking for some kind of a roadmap, if it exists.

Is there any sort of timeline on when UI issues will be addressed, such as the skill window (resizing, what trees lead to what profs, etc.), general resizing/resolution of the UI, things like that?

Any update on friends list and when we'll be able to add to it?

And finally, any thoughts on the chat system and when we'll be able to chat in more than spatial (Whispers, guild, etc.)?

If I've missed something on any of these having a fix, or if there's a post I've not found addressing these, please feel free to direct me there 🙂

Thanks for your hard work!

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I’d love to see information about this as well.  I can’t even begin to imagine how much work the devs have done here, and I’m so grateful for it.  But I’d love to hear about the efforts in the Chat/Email/Friends list, even if the ETA is lengthy.

Right now, you have to play the game with a cellphone handy or frequent alt-tabbing to Discord because of disabled Chat.  You have to guess at sales or use manual spreadsheets to track what’s happened with vendor sales due to disabled Email.  And you have to go back to your cell phone or Discord for a “You on?” message due to disabled Friends list.  (The UI works well enough for me, honestly.)

Again, I have no insight into how hard all of this is, I know it’s a lot of complex work, and and I’m so grateful for the game.  But any updates or insight into when this might be fixed would be great.  And I’d be happy to give to any fundraising effort, if these communication issues are related to a hardware/service infrastructure expense.

Yeah not to sound overly critical, I'd say it should be a priority. Myself and others come over from a different server because we like the cu. Waited for years for a working version. Here's reasons they all went back. No Mail, No friends list, No tells or group chat. Wasn't some lack of game content. People come to play the game not play discord. I'm not big on posting and this probably be my last. Legends had same problem when they started and population was stagnant, it put a lot of people off. When I stand in Eisley and seen new toons being made yet average population not growing, well it must be something.  Anyhow, keep up the good work.

I can imagine the hard work it is to make such an old game running properly. I came here because the concept was exactly what I love, but I saw too much bad things in the very short time that I was on R3. I'll just stick with it by saying that there is at this point a real need of change in many ways. The leading team needs in my opinion awareness. Whatever the issue may be, or not, I don't know, and don't want to know, but I think there is a lack of capable people, and perhaps also those that shouldn't be there? There is undoubtedly something wrong with the organization at this moment, the commitment, the desire to do it all and also a real problem in the mentality of some. I noticed that on discord. That's why I'm responding here, because it's not only the game that is not working as it should. At this particular time the game doesn't give me any sort of satisfaction, so hopefully this will change again in the future. I feel a little sad because I expected more. I keep my toons for better times, but for now I'll take a break.

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