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TKM extra tree screws things up

Well 4x4x on brawler to get TKA seems overkill since cant do what game was meant to do. So for me I can go Master Ranger/Master TKA and be able to heal because of the extra tree. 

Because of the extra what?


My memory could be failing, but I don't think (to the OP's point) that you were required to have two trees in Brawler to unlock TK.  I also don't remember this to be the case with Fencer.  I'm guessing this is a change?  Is there anywhere to read about the changes made to professions from the original game?

Both Brawler and Marksman were adjusted in the Combat Upgrade to require two lines to advance to an Elite Profession which you can easily see in the Prof Calculator that you have in your Resto 3 main folder.

People would need 4xx4 / x4x4 or xx44 Marksman to advance to an Elite Profession and the same goes for Brawler.


This is not a custom resto change, this is how it was done in the CU.

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