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Thesoldier's New Player Guide

Welcome to SWG: Restoration III

If you're reading this, then welcome to the server. This guide is assuming you've already setup SWG and ready to dive into the wonderful world of Star Wars. 

Pre-CU/NGE/What are these fancy terms?

When Star Wars Galaxies was created it went through many different changes. Originally it was a player economy driven game and a skill tree based system where you could create a character with a mix of different skill sets, this was known as the Pre-Combat Upgrade days.

Eventually the game changed to a Combat Upgrade system, and eventually New Game Enhancements (NGE) where the game became more like a World of Warcraft clone in the Star Wars Galaxies. NGE added a boast of new content including quests, and a class system where you picked a certain class to play (Commando, Bounty Hunter, Jedi, Medic, Entertainer, Artisan...) Slow down Anakin Skywalker, you can't be a jedi on this server...well some day, but you will have to unlock the mystery of the force just like the rest of us!

Restoration III uses the NGE system, but has a hybrid class system where you build your own class based on your play style. You can make your class using 250 skill points, so if you want to be a mix of a player who shoots things with a rifle who has medic abilities, you can! Want to beat things up with melee weapons but have skills to put debuffs and poisons on someone as a combat medic, have at it! The possibilities are endless!

Resources: -SWG Fandom wiki, has all the information you need - Massive database of known resources on the server. Very important if you wish to become a crafter, or try to make some money by harvesting animal products to sell. - Restoration III discord, join the server. Makes for finding groups, selling items, whatever you need so much easier

Well what should I play?

Well this guide is assuming you're new, and will be based on assuming you will be making a combat oriented character.

There's two types of combat

Ranged - Rifles, Carbines, Pistols, Heavy Weapons (Commando)

Melee - One handed/Two handed swords, pikes, lances, hand to hand, etc...

The main ranged types are the following
Heavy Weapons: Area of Effect (AOE) attacks, Damage over Time (DoT)
Rifles: Slow firing, long range, good for single target burst damage (DPS)
Carbines: Middle of the road weapon speed, middle range, good for AoE attacks
Pistols: Fast firing, close range weapons, good for debuffs and crown control (CC)

The main Melee weapon types are the following:

Pikes (Pikeman): Tanking, Taunts, Controls
Two handed Swords (Swordsman): Burst DPS, off-tanking
One handed swords (Fencer): DoT DPS, Crowd Controls
Teras Kasi (Teras Kasi Artist): Hand to Hand avoidance tanking. TKA cannot wear armor, they just dodge things ALOT!


There are also support classes to supplement your build such as Bounty Hunter, Pistoleer, Smuggler, Combat Medic... You also have Creature Handler which is considered the pet class as well.

Popular builds:

I've only played ranged characters, I can't give melee advice, but if you want to be a tank, go to discord and someone can put you in the right direction.

Master Bounty Hunter/Master Rifleman/Combat Medic 4xxx:

This makes you a burst DPS long range machine that has knock downs, a good Damage over Time, a powerful opener called sniper shot, and with Combat Medic Distance Healing IV you have a single target heal, single target ranged heal, and AOE heal.

Master Creature Handler/Master Carbineer/Medic x4xx:

Let your pet do all the work while you give supplemental damage and have some heals as well. 

Master Smuggler/Master Pistoleer/Combat medic 4xxx:

Let out your inner Han Solo and be a fast firing debuff/crowd control master. Smugglers can also do a side job of improve weapons and armor by slicing them. They can also make very potent spices (Drugs) that give various buffs.

Ok I have an idea of what I want to play

When you spawn in you will get a starting quest called the legacy series. This will help start you learn the game and important locations. Press the J key to see your quest log. It is recommended you do this series up to about Combat Level (CL) 20. This will give you some starting capital, equipment, etc...

Your combat level is determined by the number of the 250 skill points you've spent. As you go to your profession trainers and get your skill boxes your Combat Level will increase. The max combat level is CL80, also enemy NPC mobs will have a Combat Level and when you click on them you will see various colors. Grey are weak mobs, green are easy, blue are near your level, yellow are the same level, red will be hard, and purple will destroy you!

Once you are level 20 and have some capital, head to the Dantooine system and go to the mining outpost. You will want to try and join a Spin group. Spin groups are groups of 8 who will get a level 80 mission to hunt human NPCs (Basically cavemen named mokks, jantas) The group will then have a high level mission that spawns tons of NPCs, and the goal is to kill as many NPCs as possible to get XP, and then kill the spawn point (lair) to complete the mission. You will get a cut of credits for doing this.

You can use spin groups to level up to 80. When leveling if you heal any player and shoot a NPC your XP will be a mix of combat xp/weapon xp/medical XP. If you are focusing on trying to get medic skills, just heal people. If you are focusing on weapon skill, do not use any heals. 

If you are unable to find a spin group, just keep doing the legacy quest, every part you complete will give you a nice chunk of combat and weapon XP (Make sure you have the weapon you want XP in equipped) 

Buffs and you?

There are five types of buffs

Doctor: Find a player doctor in any major city and they will give you buffs to enhance your stats

Entertainer: Find a dancer or musician in the cantinas, and they can give you various buffs such as XP increases, reduced action, better damage, etc...

Food: Player made (Various buffs/debuffs)

Drink: Player made (Various buffs/debuffs)

Spice: Player made space drugs, some of these have a positive effect, but also a negative effect. Like booster blue will add a bunch of health/action stats, but debuff your health regeneration.

If you're going to level, get XP buff at the minimum. The entertainer will ask you what buff you want when you watch/listen to them

Ok how do I make credits?

Spin groups: You will get credits from missions and looting NPCs. 

Mission terminals: You can take combat missions to destroy a lair and get a pay out

Bounty Hunting: At the end levels you will get missions to kill a NPC and these range from 28k to 33k. You can also hunt players as well, but that's way more advanced

Harvesting Animal Resources: Players will want to buy various animal hides and bones. Anyone can harvest a animal by killing one, selecting the corpse and typing /harvest hide or /harvest bone. Players will say WTB Hide/Bone X, 1cpu. That means they will pay 1 credit per unit. So if you bring them 20,000 bones, they will pay you 20,000 credits for it. Use SWGAIDE to find the animals that drop these items. 

Junk loot: crafters will buy junk loot, save it and when you have a bag full of it, offer them up for sale. I've seen junk loot go as high as 1,800 to 2,000 per piece. When you loot NPCs you will find items that say "This can be sold to a junk dealer"

Jump to lightspeed content: You will get starship loot and credit disks. Level 1 starship loot can be sold to the NPC Chassis Dealer for 1,000, Level 10 loot is worth 10,000 per. Space is another beast, but it can be very lucrative. 

Player Associations and You

Player Associations are guilds. Join a guild, you will find multiple types of guilds, for your fancy. Most of the community is more than helpful. Make friends, do things, have fun!

The Galatic Civil War

Want to bring order to the galaxy or over throw the empire. Seek out a Rebellion or Imperial recruiter and join the cause

There are three types of status when you join the factions.

On Leave: You are a member of the Imps or Rebs, but are basically staying covert. 

Combatant: You can attack or be attacked by opposite faction NPCS

Special Forces: You can attack or be attacked by other players who are special forces (Overt) for PVP

More info here:


Welcome to the server

If you ever have any questions you can reach out to me on discord at Thesoldier#3107. Welcome to Restoration III, may the force be with you


Myst has reacted to this post.

Thank you for this!  As a new player this was helpful.  One thing I have having problems with (and if I skipped right over it discussed I apologize) is how to level up.  More specifically I am trying to level up my pistol skills.  I googled the location of a pistoleer trainer but when I got there there is no one around.  I have found artisan trainers, medic trainers, pilot trainers, etc.  But no pistoleer trainer.  Help!!

I found a player in game who helped me locate the trainers!  Thank you again for this guide!

I am not seeing Kill Missions at the mission terminals.  I'm I doing something wrong?

Possible issues: Level 10 is minimum for destroy missions; be sure you are at "Mission Terminal" and not "Explorer" or Bounty Hunter", etc.; not often will missions actually just say "Kill", they'll have some odd thing like, "Help a little girl" or "Make the planet safe for smugglers", etc.. You can highlight a mission by clicking it once and get the details by either clicking the "Details" button or just double-click the line. Usually, it's either a beast lair or a npc outpost which you will have to eliminate, i.e., kill. Happy hunting!

Hey everyone, 

New to the server, but a refugee from Bria. Can players train other players in the skills like we used to do back on live?

Quote from Dugout on September 14, 2021, 10:23 pm

Hey everyone, 

New to the server, but a refugee from Bria. Can players train other players in the skills like we used to do back on live?

Yes, besides NPC trainers, players can teach skills so you can save some money.

Also new shameless plug: I've noticed some newer players on the discord


If you need some starting out capital and want some work, hit me up on discord Thesoldier#3107

I'll take you into space for loot grinding and I'll share some credits for work, plus you also get space XP. Doesn't require anything fancy, just learning how to shoot a turret.

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