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Tatooine & Lok Environmental damage petition

It has been brought to my attention (I never played live)  that it's possible for Tatooine to have damaging sandstorms and Lok to have acid rain. I'm posting this to help guage how many people would be interested to help start a petition. 👍🙂

I remember this for a short time. I am kind of on the fence about it, I think it sounds good in theory but I remember it being a nuisance more than being FUN. I am open to the idea if there is a good reason why, maybe make it harvestable in some way or something?


Maybe only make certain sections of the planet have  environmental damage like the northern part of Tatooine/Krayt Dragon grave yard area and certain areas on Lok like that Droidika cave area?

I think it would be a bad idea at least on tatooine, as new players start there, no reason to punish newcommers, i think it was why it was removed fast on live.

You make a great point, that's why if possible I think it should only be enabled In the north part of the planet .

If the weather effects were part of a larger system that maybe somehow involved skills, crafting, and the economy I would probably be for it.   I think that a device that could alert the players to an incoming storm and give them some time to exit or prepare may be cool, or maybe some kind of scout skill or something, weather prediction? Alone I dont think its enough to make something more fun. 


I'm gonna be the forum nazi here, but wrong forum (cool idea though).

Auj'ey Issfey, Kettemoor
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