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Tailor Questions & Sockets Also

Heya friends,

Working up Tailoring. 3344 and grinding away.
Warning" N00b questions ahead.

I am using am using a +12 Clothing/Armor Tool and cozied up to a +15/16 C/A station.
Is there a particular reason I am not seeing the option to experiment? Are the tool and station too low?
I have 160 Artisan Assembly, 175 Artist Experimentation, 90 Clothing Assembly, 200 Clothing Customization, 80 Clothing Experimentation.

Then, equally n00bish: I have managed to make a few items with sockets. What next? How do I insert augs/etc?

Sorry for the baseline/simplistic questions but I'm hoping for some step-by-step guidance.

Tailors don't get the option to experiment- cuz clothing are clothing.  You can't make them better unless you use SAE or BE tissues (supposedly added when you make Reinforced Fiber Panels and Synthetic tissues- however this is not IG ATM). The big thing with Tailor is that when you hit Master, you have a ton of colors you can use to make custom clothing.

As far as SEAs go, I have yet to get any to use... but there is an old Tailor guide I found that was fairly useful on Google, that said the max you could add to a single item of clothing was +25... and possibly the max total in an entire ensemble. SO! If BE tissues are able to be added to RFP and SC, then whatever stats they have will add to whatever tapes you may find and add- up to +25. SO!

1- if you have an item that requires 4 RFP and you have BE enhanced +10, you might as well use 2 regular RFP and 2 BE ones (to equal +20), as adding more will NOT stack (per the guide) and you will have wasted BE cloth. That goes for SC and RFP mix clothing too.

2- if you have +25 BE clothing with sockets, you should NOT add tapes. It won't stack, you'll just waste them.

3- If you have a socketed item that was made with, say +10 BE cloth, and you find a tape for +12, that tape will overwrite the BE +10 in that feature (aka +10 Healing efficiency/+10 cure rate, got a tape for +12 HE, so your item ends up being +12 HE/+10 Cure= +22, still ok)

4- If you have the same socketed item (+10 HE/+10 Cure) and you find a tape with +7 HE, don't use the tape. It won't stack and you'll waste it as the +10 BE overwrites the tape.


That is my understanding of how the tapes/SEAs/BE stuff worked on live SWG- but as I said, I haven't tried to add tapes yet and BE tissues are NOT able to be added to the cloth manufacture (yet?).

Any actively working Tailors please verify this for R3. 

IF you guys are able to use BE tissues in your cloths.... PLEASE respond here, as I do not see the option to add my BE tissues to my RFP and SC, and want to know what I'm missing.....

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