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Stuck in "Now connecting to the Galaxy"

As the title says stuck in "Now connecting to the Galaxy". How can I solve this?

me too


Getting stuck here too. Have allowed all game client exes through the firewall, anyone find a fix for this yet ? 

I had this aswell and it worked when I switched my res in the launcher to 1920x1080. Still seems to happen the odd time but I just alt+f4 and reload the game in admin. 

I had this as well.  First hurdle was launcher would start and then terminate.  Had to run as admin.  Then got stuck at "connecting to galaxy" after character creation.  Fix was the same but had to set "SwgClient_r" to run as admin this time. 

Now I'm loaded into the world. 

Hope this helps someone out.



Have the same issue, loaded once into the game, and after that, i'm still getting stuck on the loading screen...

This may have already been addressed, but for anyone wondering, just keep pressing Enter (twice should do)

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