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Smuggler Needs

Quote from Gospel on July 10, 2021, 2:27 am

Last Ditch doesn't actually scale off health. It is a hard hitting ability, it's just that pistols suck for damage. I'd like to see it get a special damage bonus for pistols only so it puts it up there with sniper shot, but only when you have a pistol equipped. If you stack accuracy and do rifleman/smuggler, it's just under snipershot's dmg.

I like that idea.


I had another thought about the slicing line....I still like the idea of some sort of "first aid" mods in that line, but instead of just giving it a straight heal modifier, what about giving it a small reduction to the reuse timer for heal stims?  Similar to what the Ruby Bliel does.


This thread makes me glad that I'm not a dev. Everyone here has wildly divergent ideas of what the class "needs".

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