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Senate Candidacy Announcement


Firstly, praise the Scorekeeper for bringing us all together. For those that played on live, and for those just now joining us in this Star Wars Galaxies experience. I am proud to be plaything with you all.

I myself have played Star Wars Galaxies on and off now for about a decade, mostly as a Ranger, Politician, and then subsequently a Spy. I’ve always been a new player helper, and I founded and ran a successful guild  on live called DOSH – The Brotherhood of Trandoshans. We build a Metropolis on Lok, called New Dosha. Playing on Starsider, I was highly active in the roleplay community and loved to engage in the GCW as well as space. My guild oversight saw me supporting all professions, managing the city, our malls, and I’ve always been one to support other players and all professions.

Like some of you, after the game closed I moved onto emulators, and I found new communities. I joined other guilds and got to experience the game from a different perspective. I got to play a support role, and advise others, as well as explore other professions I had not necessarily experienced on live. While I may always be a Ranger at heart, I understood the big picture of the game, and I am a huge advocate of Raph Koster’s original vision.

Looking ahead now, the next chapter for me is with the Restoration and I’ve never been so excited for SWG. The CU was my favorite era, and to see where the game could have advanced is just incredible. With the insights I’ve learned I feel I can give back to the community and create truly great experiences for years to come. I’m experienced, and I want to put my knowledge and skills to good use by helping make Star Wars Galaxies: Restoration III an amazing game.

And that is why, at the beginning of this new chapter, I am announcing my candidacy for Senate of the Politician Profession.


If elected, here is my agenda:

-Fun and engaging gameplay improvements that consider risk vs. reward.

-Considerations for QoL improvements, given the emulated nature of the state of the game.

-Fair and fun Politician mechanics.

-Fair and fun Ranger mechanics, especially as they pertain to cities vs. wilderness, and if they include Stealth. This is a very important issue that should be cautiously approached and politicians/cities might be able to play an impactful role. I promise to have a level head and fair understanding.

-Helping to test and fix bugs to make a better game experience.


Thank you,

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