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Guild Name: Scrub Squad
City Name: Grub Hub (Research Focused)
Planet: Dantooine
Contacts: Gorzanta (In-Game), GrubbyOldGamer#5019 (Discord), Tadpole Tommy#9780 (discord)

Faction Affiliation: Rebellion
PvE/PvP/Crafting Focus: PvP, Endgame PvE

Description: Primary focus of guild will be PvP, which means undertaking most PvE aspects of the game to help gear up to take down the Empire. This community is built directly from the Resto3 Community, and holds no prior affiliations nor ties to other SWG Guilds. Guild will expand, and grow, as time allows. Jedi friendly(Once progressed), though will not be focused on that aspect. (SFBH Need Not Apply.)

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