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Question about Trandoshan Big Game Hunter

Hi all,

I am interested  in RPing as a Trandoshan big game hunter. I know that Master Scout will be part of the build but I am torn between going Rifleman / Ranger or a more melee focused build with Swordsman and either Teras Kasi or Pikeman. From a RP perspective would you think that a Melee or Ranged build would fit better?


Thanks for the help

Hi Dossku.

I was the leader of DOSH on live, and CLAW on this server, both with a focus on Trandoshan roleplay.

I think either melee or ranged will work just fine, depending on which way you want to lean your RP. Is your trandoshan a "Big Game Hunter" like in a safari trophy collector, using a high-powered rifle to take out game, or..... more like a ritual-focused blade user, seeking to really "engage" his or her prey? My archetypes I look towards are of course Bossk, but I also think of the old movie "Predator", where the alien uses all kinds of tech in addition to ritual blades.  There is also some great source material on Wikipedia.

You should also consider your PvE or PvP desires, and think about how to balance that with your RP needs. I'd love to talk more, and you can reach me in Discord Hsskor#5665.

Good luck, and hope to enjoy some roleplay with you on this server.


Hello Dossku, I propose a 3rd option. From an RP perspective, you may want to consider the offensive parts of Combat Medic. That would give you access to various toxins, which would fit the lore of a Trandoshan. 

Hey Hsskor, you have a discord link in your signature. It doesn't seem to connect with anything. I only mention it because I've been searching for a way to create a hyperlink leading to a discord message to me. And it seems to not yet be supported. So you may want have somebody double check that link.

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