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Player City Index

Post a brief snippet of information about your city here, as to keep them all in one thread. Useful information would be location, amenities, whether you are a filthy rebel, and who to contact to join.

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Grub Hub

Planet: Dantooine (WP Coming soon)

This will be the central point for Scrub Squad. If you use Door Dash, stay out. If you wish to join, contact Grozanta in-game ^^

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Asgard (or some other norse lore name)

Planet: Dantooine (exact location to be determined)

Guild city for Sandbox Inc., official guild of the sandbox podcast. Will eventually have the 20% mission bonus.

Name: Will add once placed

Planet: Tatooine (waypoint added once placed)

Mainly crafter hotspot city. A guild is also in the city but joining is optional

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City Name: New Imperium - an Imperial Stronghold on Naboo.

Contacts: Hsskor

Faction Affiliation: Imperial / Trandoshan

Description: Join the Empire and ensure peace and security. The city is led by a former mayor from the live server of Starsider, we're an imperial-focused roleplay city with a flair of Trandoshan culture. All playstyles welcome, we are casual and friendly. Our aim is to found a city that is welcoming to new players and seeks to grow in strength and imperial might; our primary focus will be the establishment of a structures, vendors, and imperial equipment and logistics. Our players love to play JTL, run events, and PvP and we look forward to forming a TIE squadron. Learn more about our city from the guild Discord for CLAW squadron - The 96th Taskforce. 

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City Name: Swampton (Swamp Rat) Gang Stronghold. 

Contacts: Blitz

Faction Affiliation: Rebel/Neutral/Wookie


Description: Swampton is home to the notorious gang of the Swamp Rats. Wanted on several worlds, the Swamp Rats find themselves living in the outskirts of the Rebel Outpost of Rori out of sight of the Galactic Empire. Gambling, Swoop Racing, Entertainment, Dueling, this bustling gang hideout is no place for the weak. Come strapped with your best blaster, and have your biggest brute handy by your side. Other than the obvious illegal gambling, thievery, and the occasional dead bodies lying about, Swampton is a beautiful part of Rori. Atop a large hill overlooking a Swamp with many trees and rolling hills in the distance it is a must see when visiting the planet. ((IMPERIAL SAFETY WARNING)) Imperial Special Forces are known to not return from Swampton. This is a no go zone. You have been warned.   


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