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Player Capital Ship Expansion

Initial Ideology:

It should first be noted that Jump To Light Speed will remain completely unaltered except a small modifications to create player Warship Terminals and Hyper Space Route Map,

 this will be a in game item much like the Stardock Coordination Terminal and a Hyper Space Map sub Menu.

Master Pilot's will be able accept quest on the behalf of naval liaison officers,

crime syndicates, or planetary governors to be rewarded with the Naval or Pirate Skill Wheel & a Warship Terminal.

After joining one of the factional organizations the pilot embarks on a missions in Warship Space earning faction points,

naval xp, uniforms, and lore items while completing quest and exploring warship space zones.

A typical Corvette that players will acquire is 125m long and while armed will require some JTL star fighter support,

 because JTL's 15x15x15km cube zone is simply too small to accommodate a 7.5km long Star Dreadnaught.

Thus requires a more expansive sectors one hundred times larger featuring five 30km elevations in a cube that is 150x150x150km minimum,

 and unless a dedicated PvE zone will be devoid of the typical JTL npc spawns.

Instead PvP and PvE zones will feature roam fleets that traverse the zone until they reach a hyperspace waypoint to jump out,

think of it as a mix of Kessel/Orion Corvette flight routes or Convoys in the theme of a Space GCW event that is completely one sided.

This meaning there will be no opposing npc support fleet, 

 engage or assassinate famous naval admirals or pirate lords at your own risk.

A flotilla of player gunships would accel at this sort of mission but a player star fighters squadron with bomber support can do just as well,

 with the end result being the player with a hull deed becoming a captain of a player operated Corvette.


utio has reacted to this post.

Hmm . . . Limit to the kind of ships that the Old Republic has, for now (For the sake of Development). At least this game will have Freelance Ships instead of just Republic & Imperial . . .

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