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Patch Notes 6/15/2021

Credits now split among group.

Accuracy increased slightly
Thimble has had his level lowered from 505 to 450.
GCW stims can no longer be obtained from vendor NPCs

Cybernetic range bonus should now work correctly, and people should no longer be able to shoot targets that are "too far"

Weapon Speed as been adjusted to provide a more authentic feel.
During our Beta test Weapon specific speed was bugged, after fixing it we noticed attack speed was way to high, Resulting in the changes we made for this patch.

Group Pickup has been disabled. we never intended for this to be enabled.

some dynamic weapon loots had their prices set far above what was intended for looted items. This has been corrected.

Gambling table schematic skill requirement has been corrected

Death Watch re-breather quest no longer checks for the NGE skillbox, and can now be completed

Blackscale pilots have grown tired watching of low-level pilots kill their friends. They have been given orders to shoot on sight.

The Resto Founder Shirt and Plaque have had their textures altered, and the shirt has had its model replaced to fix all the clipping bugs.
New models for the 2 versions of the E-11 have been added.
Starship crafting stations have had their missing emissions textures fixed.
Seeker Droids now have the correct texture. they no longer look like a rubber band ball.
Thimble has a shiny new hat.

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Tansarii Point Station?

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