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Not a fan of a non-transparent way of becoming Jedi

  At best, it sounds like RNG.

  At worst, and quite frankly more likely to my mind, it reeks of only the developers of the project and their friends playing Jedi.

 The Jedi were not a super-secret cult; they were essentially a monastic order, and they would have been documented as any other monastic order would be. Granted, the Empire would have outlawed information about the Jedi, and destroyed any sources they found, but we're talking about a civilization with cyborgs and hyperspace communications. People in the real world can't even get rid of an embarrassing photo once they've posted it on Facebook.

 I'm all for life as a Jedi being difficult and dangerous, but people should still have the option of playing one, if they're willing to put in the work, and the nature of that work should be fair and transparent, just like any other class. 


jabber has reacted to this post.

"This is not the SWG you're looking for!"  I like the mystery part, reminds me of the first game a few months after launch.  That being said I can easily see this being a "players Club" of sorts

Yeah, the reason the method of unlocking Jedi was a mystery in the original live release of "Galaxies" was that Jedi hadn't actually been implemented yet. They weren't in the game until just before Christmas, and once a few people had unlocked them, the method was 100% known.

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