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No General Discussion Forum?

Hello all.  I'm an old SWG player who has just joined the game.  I played Arell Stormweaver on the Starsider Server from launch until shutdown.  The CU was my favorite version of the combat system, so I'm excited to be here.  I didn't see a general discussion forum, and was looking for place to ask questions so I'll start here since I can't find the guide I was looking for.  Is there anywhere to see the changes made to each profession which differ from the original game?  Unless my memory is failing, there have been extra pre reqs added for some advanced classes which didn't exist in the original game.  Are these changes documented anywhere?

Thanks for your time!


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Hey friend, welcome. Have you joined the discord? It is the more popular place for asking questions. As for the changes made to each profession, I don't know that there is a list. If you find one, let me know. However I can help you with the prerequisites. Check out the Skill Calculator, attached the the game launcher.


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