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Melee Hunter Viable?

Hi all, 

For a long time on live I was a Ranger / Rifleman, however with the proposed changes to Ranger I am considering other professions. I know that BH require various ranged weapon xp to level but I am curious if one could be viable, and successful as a melee hunter. I really like the idea of Swordsman's armor break as a hunter but I am new to PVP in this game, even all these years later. 

In theory you could DO it, but how useful it would be is questionable. The main issue here is that the high skillpoint cost to master BH leaves you with enough remaining points to master swordsman and then get 2 boxes in something else. Probably medic at that point. If you didnt master BH or swordsman you could potentially have the points for a hybrid build....but.

Going melee BH is like going rifleman/TKA because you want to RP being a sniper monk. Half of your skill point allotment (BH and TKA in this example) will only be useful for the passive melee and ranged defense modifiers that each box provides. The nature of the BH profession is that it is a PvP focused one, and going melee BH throws away a lot of juicy ranged damage output modifiers and abilities.


Could you do it? Sure the points are technically there, but would it be good enough to want to do it? I think this is like asking a person if they would fight with 1 arm tied behind their back.

On live I played a swordsman / BH and was unbeatable, and that was during the combat upgrade. I believe I had some in medic but mainly just used powerful stims.   I tested it just a little bit on the beta here and it seemed to be decent, but I feel like the build is heavily reliant on a god tier hammer. 

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