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Mandalorian Mercenaries (MERCS)

Guild: Mandalorian Mercenaries


Faction: Neutral (both sides allowed)

Focus: RP/PVE

In-game Contact: Jaminos, Littleguppie, Ravion



Brothers and sisters of Mandalore! For years we have hidden in the shadows after losing our home to the dreaded purge of Mandalore. We have divided into many clans and coverts to protect our way of life. Mandalorian Mercenaries (MERCS) rises once more from the ashes, lead by one of the original members of the guild from Gorath, we aim to have a community of Role Players and fans of the Mandalorian culture. We are an RP/PVE guild looking to make a name as one of the premier Mandalorian Role-Playing guilds of Restoration 3. All classes (Except filthy Jedi) are allowed to join! We recently formed and are starting small but are very active with years of SWG experience! We are accepting both Imperial and Rebel players as the guild is neutral (more details about faction can be discussed in person) We have active crafters and plan on regular DWB raid groups on Fridays and Saturdays once we have the numbers and equipment to do so.  Plans for regular RP events are in the works and our aim is to build a safe, fun environment where all walks of Mandalorians are welcome. Whether you are a Death Watch warrior or Mon Calamari with a love of weapons and a bad attitude, we accept all walks of life. Those who do not wish to participate in RP will have plenty of opportunities in the future for end-game content. Those of you who walk the path of a Bounty Hunter will find strength in numbers with our brothers and sisters as we hunt down our ancient foe the Jedi. It is our goal to one day decorate our halls with the trophies of slain Jedi. 

Factions (Expanded)

Mandalorians have been seen on both sides of the Galactic Civil War. We encourage our brothers and sisters to join in the conflict to take back what has been stolen from us. Reports of Rebels and Imperials distributing our legendary Beskar can not go unanswered. It is our duty to take it back. Either by force or by merit. It is our birthright and Beskar belongs in the hands of the Mandalorians. In the end, our allegiances are to the covert (Guild) first and foremost.


This is the way...


(Not associated with the Mandalorian Mercs costume club)

We have a city! Need a job done that only a Mandalorian can do? Come visit us in the great city of Felicity on Lok and we will discuss business!


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