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Is there a way outside of having a full ent build to get closer to 20 buff points?

I never played entertainer when I was in CU or NGE on live, so I don't know if there are any options in terms of skill tapes or whatever that can do this, but I really want to be musician on one of my characters....and only musician. I don't want to have a full ent build. I don't entirely understand all of the entertainer skill modifiers, but it looks like as a master musician, I only have 14 buff points, because 3 of them seem to come from novice dancer, and the last 3 come from master dancer. Is there something that a person can equip if they aren't a full entertainer build to get closer to 20 buff points? I'd imagine this wasn't a very normal request from past servers because all the master ents I've seen so far are full ent, and if 20 points is the hard max, of course there wouldn't be a point in acquiring any items that gave more buff points if 20 is the max no matter what your skill modifiers are. There doesn't seem to be a lot of easily accessible information on entertainer, especially not NGE entertainer, from google, either. Which is why I'm coming here to the forums to ask about this.

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The very very short answer to this question is No sadly, The way the system is set up is that only a full template Entertainer (Master Dancer + Master Musician) can give a full 20 point buff. And there aren't any SEA's for Entertainers, As far as I'm aware the only item that might have carried over is the Bracelet of Inspired Status which is a treasure map reward and really only helps to Inspire people quicker and add a +30 mins to the max duration. The only way you could get close to a 20pnt is to have Master Entertainer + master Musician or Master Dancer as I believe as it will give 17pnts to use, but no there's no way to get the hard 20pnts without being a full temp Master Ent + master Dancer + Master Musician

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There are Entertainer Skill tapes in the game currently. I have tested them and they do not work at the moment. A bug report has been submitted. The skill tapes intended function would be longer duration (5h30m to 6h). There is no Buff jewelry either because that was tied to the Build-A-Buff collection (Buff X many of Each Profession, when there were only 9. Now 32). 

Dancing/Musical Enhancement should modify the buff in regards to speed / duration but not potency. 
Dancing/Musical Knowledge allows you to play higher level songs of which there are none that would require more knowledge than the base professions provide. 

The entertainer, at the moment is a purely social / buff class- no progression after the 20 buff pts. 

I would just add to this that having Master Entertainer added no more buff points to my Master Dancer build, I was still on 14. 

Adding Novice Musician to Master Dancer took me to 17 buff points.

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