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Introducing your R3 Master Chef: Grey Wraith

Hey everyone! My name is Grey! One of the first Master Chefs of Resto 3! I have a growing Bakery and Winery on beautiful Naboo. I'm a pretty laid-back and easy-going Twi'lek and love the crafting game on Galaxies. 

I'll be taking orders soon, as factory and bio-engineered supplements are quickly being added to my growing inventory. (I'll make a post when ready we're vendor ready in the Trade forum soon as everything is set and I'm ready.)

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to message me here or on the R3 Discord. I'd be happy to help the community of Chefs as we all begin this profession together on this great server. This is my full-time job. I'm not a combat person, so I can't help you figure all of that stuff out. But if you need training, have questions, and or suggestions, reach out! Let's start a conversation! 

Hope to see you all soon! 

Warmly ~

Grey Wraith
Master Chef

toroidal has reacted to this post.

Hey Grey, I came here hoping to find exactly this post. I'm a Creature Handler, so I've been collecting piles of meat from level 1. And I expect to have stacks of eggs in the near future. Would you like to work out some trades? I'd love to stop by your shop on Naboo and sell you my ingredients. And in exchange, you can be my source of food, pet food, and from the sound of it you can even supply creatures in the future?! I'm already in a similar relationship with an Armor Smith, proving them with hide and bones. So if we can work something out, I'll have a good use for every one of the materials that I keep collecting. 

Could you reach out to me on Discord?


Looking forward to a profitable business with you!

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