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Increasing Scout xp

Lets list the ways weve found to increase Scout XP here. So far all Ive found is harvesting animals, the closer to your level the animal the more xp. Have you found better ways?

So far I've only found harvesting animals works. Mask scent doesn't give xp and neither do camps. I haven't tried fishing but I highly doubt it does. One of the devs said on discord that they will be adding traps and reworking ranger soon. I would guess they will fix xp then too.

If you join a group with someone of higher level, you are able to get missions of their level. If you harvest these animals you will get significantly more scout xp per harvest. @level 19 I grouped with a 65+ and was pulling near 5k per harvest.


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yea was doing spin groups tonight and im level 14 and leader was 80 and i zipped throu the first part of scout pretty quick insted of the 100 i was gaining by myself

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