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I have a robotic arm?!

I hope this is the right spot to post this. So I got killed by some Tuskens while getting the speeder parts, and I respawned in Mos Eisley with a robotic arm and a temp xp buff with it? I'm the only player that I've seen with one so far and it doesn't appear as an item in the inventory. I'm not complaining, I think its pretty cool I just don't know where it came from lol.

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This is a normal function of death in the CU. Occasionally you will have cybernetics. To remove them, you need to go to a large hospital, 2nd floor, and speak with a cybernetic specialist.

It's a fun and interesting mechanic, for sure.

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Ah I see, thank you. I'm new to SWG in general, just started playing Legends a few months ago. Much to learn and re-learn!

You gotta go to Theed hospital. 2nd floor. Talk to Cybernetics guy and hell put your back on. He can be hard to find.

It is rare, but you can wake up with:

a Cybernetic Arm
Cybernetic Legs (like ghetto looking, formerly known as darth maul, legs)

If you keep them and die enough times, you could potentially get BOTH
As hard as I tried back in the day, I never managed to get both of my arms and my legs turned cybernetic, always just 1 arm and lower body/legs at most.
(I 'tested' this somewhere between 150 to 200 deaths but I do not remember the exact number.)

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A Jarring sight to wake up to.

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