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I had to give up my dream to be a beastmaster


Its a bonkers grind for sure. When I picked up the tree, my assumption was that the pet would be helping me level. But I've since realized that the pet will never reach my level before I've reached max. Now I'm viewing CH as more of a crafting profession. Where the pet is a sort of exceedingly slowly crafted super item.

Master of Creature Handler, and Smuggler

I will be the one who disagrees here- I will be unpopular for sure. IMO every combat profession in R3 is far TOO EASY AND TOO FAST TO CAP INCLUDING CH.

Every combat profession can be mastered in a day (including CH). The fact it takes a week to get a master pet that can own in the game is too long of a grind? Lol could be why people have burned through content and minmaxed both tunes in a week. I say make it even more of a grind and earn the profession- If not then it will need nerfed due to its power and then rebalanced due to its lack of abilities and skill cost… Maybe I am too old school, but part of the fun for me in swg was the grind and reward for time input- CH is cool cause you have to grind and you get the reward! Just my my opinion 🙂 


Clearly you didn't look at them pre-nerf where I was expecting like literally a month to grind out a single pet lol. The pets are a lot more reasonable now and I wanna try CH again when I can get/make a decent pet.

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