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Go Commando

Since Ranger isn't quite ready yet, I've been playing messing around on a commando toon. What's the go to builds for commando? I've been thinking master commando, master BH, and that would leave enough for novice combat Medic for the dot and bigger heals. Do the ranged abilities and modifiers from bh work with a heavy weapon?

Also I'm kinda stuck leveling commando. The lowest level heavy weapon I can find is 31. And the only commando line you can get without a heavy weapon is the grenade line. General combat xp is super slow grinding, like 100 per kill. Any tips or should I just level bh first?

Master Bh here, so I have a general idea of that side of the house. I will say that commando and BH sort of function as a toolbox for a core weapon profession that they go with. I am BH Rifleman with some CM and ill say that if the CL is holding you back its likely due to the fact most people go either BH OR commando alongside a weapon prof of their choice which they either dabble or master. 


BH sort of breaks this mold a little as the abilities you get deal comparable and sometimes better damage than the skills from a master weapon profession like rifle and so can get away with it a little bit. If you're dead set though, I'd temporarily learn CM while in grind groups to up your CL and drop them later once you get ahold of a proper broomstick. 

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Launcher Pistols can be found at lower levels and grant Heavy weapons XP. sometimes it is just a matter of catching on one on the Bazaar. Good Luck!


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