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Entertainers’ Hardships and Worries in this New World

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m enjoying Restoration 3 a lot and I’d like to thank everyone involved for the good work but I’d also like to share some problems, me and my guildies, have encountered over the past 10 days as full template Entertainers. Most of them come as a result of our profession being bound to CL 1.

1/The Theater Manager doesn’t recognize us as entertainers, even after we master everything. I don’t remember any level to be required for this one, but she is certainly looking for something we don’t have in our template.

2/ The Bracelet of Inspired Status – requires CL 80. That can easily be solved by removing the requirement, but still I wanted to mention it.

3/Aurilia – requires CL 70 to go through the fog. Unfortunately, there is a collection item in Aurilia, the entertainers would like to have access to. This collection gives us a schematic of a prop metal fan (left), not tradeable and useable only by us. Or maybe we even want to talk to that Collector npc in there and unlock some collections - the Unknown Astromech or the Bubbling rock, for example. Or, in the future, we would like to perform in Aurilia and buff the heroes, before they go to their heroic encounters …

4/Wildlife – Yes, we spend most of our time in the cantina, but sometimes we want to go outside and visit our houses, let’s say just outside of Theed, but that scary lvl 20 snake is on the way and keeps staring at us… And maybe we want to do that entertainer quest on Dathomir, in case Witches of Dathomir Themepark is available, or will be in the future. The artisans also have a very nice quest in there, and they share the same faith with us.

5/Build-a-buff collection - not working, and it's understandable since it's looking for the NGE professions. The 30 min extra time is nice to have though, so maybe this collection can be modified somehow to work in the CU world too - for example 100  players from any profession buffed, or 20 of each species buffed.

Entertainer and Artisan are obviously not combat professions, but hopefully our devs would be kind enough and revise that CL1 status we’re bound to, probably give us some social levels while advancing in our template, corresponding to the combat levels and make our life way easier. Pretty please!

Much love from the STARs <3

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