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Guild Name: Eclipse [Night] 

City Name: Eclipse [Research Focused]

Planet: Naboo

Faction Affiliation: Imperial

Focus: PvE And PvP 

Contacts: Kyshen. Rhayna In-game. Discord: [Error] Name Not Found.#6669 | UncausedZeus#5492

Description: A casual group of players looking to experience the different content the game has to offer. We run all sorts of things from instances, to space missions, to treasure maps. Our goal is to have fun as a guild and in the game we all love. No matter the player, you'll find a spot here. We have a level 4 city that has all the amenities as well as being specialized as a research ctiy for that extra crafting bonus!

If you are interested in joining, the only requirement is that you be a chill, laid back, and contributing member of the guild. If you have any questions, Feel free to Dm or join the discord linked below.

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I played on Eclipse long ago after Valcyn was sundowned.

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