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Droid Engineer - Making Super Battle Droids?

I was just curious if making Super Battle Droids was disabled at this point in the game.

I am currently Master Droid Engineer, and noticed this was a something I could craft based on my skill level. 

I attempted to craft this schematic, but it does not show up on my list of items to craft.

Before anyone asks the question.

  • I have tried to craft the Super Battle Droid using crafting station (yes)
  • I have tried to craft a Super Battle Droid using a droid with crafting station  (yes)

Thanks in advanced,

Shelvan Uberwan 

Ici - Master Droid Engineer/Novice Shipwright

It appears I was responded to by Jar Jar Binks in Discord, and the answer to this question is you need a private crafting station in order to create the special schematics. This is not obvious to ME, but that is the correct answer.

Hey Shelvan, Do you have a vendor? I'd love a couple of droids.

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