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-DOOM Industries- Master Architect's Shop

Welcome to -DOOM Industries- Forum Shop


Master Architect Emmet Brown proudly offers his services to the community.

As resources are few for now this shop will serve custom orders mostly. 


Shop location SW of Eisley @ 2600 -5180


What highlights we have so far to offer:

  • Fusion Reactors BER18
  • Large Harvesters BER13  (200k)
  • Medium Harvesters BER10 (29.5k)
  • Crafting Stations +20-29.99 stat for 30k and 30+ stat for 40k
  • Factories 60k
  • Small Houses 
  • Medium Houses 
  • Large Houses
  • Guild Halls
  • Town buildings
  • etc

I also accept resources in exchange + a fee for the work.

Larger orders will get a discount.


Contact me either ingame (mail/ /tell) or here and i get back to you asap.



Ingame Name for contact: Brown 

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