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For bio engineer, the command /sampledna does not seem to work, which makes the whole class bugged, if it’s impossible to get dna.


 To who do I tell this?

I was able to get a sample of DNA from a kupa last night from the scout ability in the first box of the trap line.  Is that the same thing you’re talking about?

I got dna yesterday aswell, use the ability in your hotbar that worked for me

/sampledna is not a command here. You will need to use the extract dna ability found in Scout x1xx

Why is the DNA sampling in the Scout and Ranger line ?


Scout X1XX is not one of the requirements for training Novice or Master BE. The only Scout required (right now) is XXX4 (hunting).

Not sure who is answering what, however my question was 'why' is DNA Harvesting in the Scout/Ranger tree instead of the Bio-Engineer which still has the DNA Sampling tree.

If I skip the Scout x1xx(+20)-x2xx(+20)-x3xx(+30)-x4xx(+30)-Novice Ranger(+10)-Master Ranger(+10) which totals +120 to DNA harvesting then as a Bio Engineer then I have no access to DNA to make a pet unless I purchase it.

While I already have to buy 95% of my Machines and Consumables and pray that they are sufficient quality (and the RNG isn't a butthead) to hit 20pts at the end of 21+ RL hours for each Hydrolase = 63 hours minimum for the 3 hydrolase needed per pet.

I already have to beg, buy my way into groups to get Hydrolase of sufficient purity to make 60pt pets, of which like tonight (found a group) I burned through 69 Needles of 2.75purity/2.40mutation getting Hydrolase from Krayts.

4ea @ 8+ purity

21ea @ 7+ purity

30ea @ <6.9 purity (considered mount materials)

7ea @ 7+ mutation (mutation vanity pets)

7ea destroyed for being to ugly to look at 🙂 

so of all this I just have the question..... Why is DNA Harvesting in the Scout/Ranger tree instead of the Bio-Engineer tree.

Thanks for reading,

Nikkoli Walksfar





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