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CU Environmental Lighting and Sky Gradients Restoration Mod

CU Environmental Lighting and Sky Gradients Restoration Mod

This mod restores the gradients for the skies and environmental lighting back to how it was for most of the CU.

The CU lasted for 7ish months from publish 15 through 24. 4 months in and on publish 23, SOE overhauled almost all of the colorramps that govern outdoor environmental lighting, as well as the gradients that determine the color of the skies. The new colorramps were slightly larger and allowed for more customization. SOE went for a less colorful and more natural look with these.
Given the circumstances of the game, the overhauled colors are now more associated with the NGE. I believe people will want to experience the game as it originally looked (with the pre-NGE vibe,) so I've dug out the older colorramps and manually converted them by hand into the larger ones that the source client expects. This was necessary because while the game will still accept the old unaltered colorramps, there are bugs. In very rare cases, the larger colorramp space is utilized in the mod, for example, the Red Hills of Dathomir have the same colors as pre-NGE, but keep a bit of the added red hue from the overhaul. Fundamentally, the goal was to preserve the CU look.
Kashyyyk is not included and will likely be converted at a later date. SOE put a lot of effort into overhauling Kashyyyk shortly after its release, and the result seems to be an improvement in a way that the rest of the overhauls do not match. Additionally, the gradients there are generally a bit more complicated and there are lots of instanced areas to check.

Bonus mod:
As a bonus, an optional terrain mod is included on the side.
The Mos Eisley terrain restoration mod flattens the whole city's terrain to how it used to look before it was overhauled some time in the CU. This makes the town generally look more like it used to. If you are nostalgic for classic pre-NGE Mos Eisley and/or if you are coming from a pre-CU server, then this will be for you. For everyone else, SOE's changes are an improvement. You can see this mod active in both of the example images of Eisley in this thread.

There may be some rare inaccuracies as this was done by hand in I may release updates in the future should I notice anything is off.
Keep in mind that this mod can make some areas much darker at night, as was originally the case.
The only change made to the skies are their colors. Any further improvements by SOE are not affected. There should be no negative conflicts with other mods.
You can easily remove planets from the mod with basic common sense. Look at the file names. I prefer a few of the overhauled colorramps. Mix and match!

Download Link (Resto 3 Discord)

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