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Crafting City looking for members

Name: TBD
Planet: Naboo
Contacts: @AmanAman
Faction Affiliation: Dont Matter
Focus: To put a research city up as soon as possible come launch day. We are looking for like minded awesome folks who would like to aid in helping us become one of the first major cities that focuses on crafting.(This is not a guild, this is city membership). Our current pledged citizen count is at 64 characters. Please contact me for more information.

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I don't see any way to message you but I'm interested. I used to be a Master Politician and guild leader with around 150 citizens on Naboo back in the day so know the planet well. I'm primarily a crafter and trader rather than fighter and plan on having a Smuggler and Architect. Your city sounds ideal.

i am also interested. Ill be starting up my architect toon




Hey guys,


If you wanna join up send me a PM on discord jer#2937 or pm me via AmanAman via resto discord

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