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Hello all! Question:

Does the "Find Illicit Goods" command/option work at this time (once you are a Master Smuggler and begin the Underworld Faction missions)?  Or are the missions running contraband with an upfront payment the only option?  Does contraband drop at all?

When I use the "Find Illicit Goods" option on downed humanoid NPCs, nothing really happens.  I have yet to find any dropped/looted contraband, and seem to only be able to increase UF points by running the upfront payment missions.  I've done a few space activities, but nothing dropped there either.

Does anyone know for sure? 



I can confirm that contraband DOES drop from space combat, occasionally.  However, I have still yet to find any contraband from downed, humanoid NPCs using the "Find Illicit Goods" radial menu option.  Nothing happens when you select it, no feedback message saying "no contraband found" or anything like that.  I'm not sure if it's working correctly, or if the 'find' rate is super low.  I'll keep trying (^_^).

Does anyone know if anything drops on ground kills?  And what the /command might be?

I tried looting a few guys and as people said, nothing has happened. No feedback from the game.

Master of Creature Handler, and Smuggler

What do you do with the illicit goods, if you find them in space?

Master of Creature Handler, and Smuggler

Once you find illicit goods, you need to have a stack of 5 of the same kind.  So not 5 different kinds, but 5 of the same type (5 restricted melons, or 5 disintegrator weapons, etc.).  Then you take them to your current underworld dealer that you get your regular, upfront payment missions from, and tell them you "have some contraband that you've found."  They will then direct you to another associate that handles looted, illicit goods (who you are directed to depends on who your current dealer is, which changes with each tier of smuggler missions).

This new associate will then give you two options: 1) pay you credits straight up for taking the illicit goods off of your hands (relatively low payout, but you get rid of your contraband for easy cash, around 10k creds or so), or 2) they will pack up the stack of 5 illicit goods into a golden contraband crate (as opposed to regular silver crate) and you will have to deliver it to someone with a time limit, like normal missions.  Only this time you get more Underworld Faction Points (35 instead of 25, at least at the highest tier), and the payout is MUCH bigger (50k credits instead of 25k, at the highest tier)!

This is assuming you're already a Master Smuggler and have begun your smuggling missions.  Check this website for a good description of where to go and what to expect for smuggler missions (scroll down to the 'Underworld Smuggler Missions' section): 

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Quote from YoYoj1mbo on July 2, 2021, 7:18 am

Once you find illicit goods... This is assuming you're already a Master Smuggler and have begun your smuggling missions...

Thanks for the detail write up! I don't know if I've ever seen contraband dropping. But now I certainly want to try that out.

Master of Creature Handler, and Smuggler
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