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comprehensive space guide for end game (post ace)

Comprehensive Space Guide for End Game (Post Ace)


This guide was created to help newly certified ace pilots understand endgame space content, loadouts, and equipment. This guide will not touch on actual flight skills or strategies and is mostly designed to set the player up with the right tools to succeed in endgame space content. 




“I've outrun Imperial starships. Not the local bulk cruisers mind you, I'm talking about the big Corellian ships now.” 

Han Solo


Whether you are Imperial, Rebel, or Neutral Ace there is a ship for you. There are a couple of ships that have better uses than others depending on what you are doing. Below is a list for each of the 3 factions and their endgame viability.


1.1 Imperial Ships

TIE-Fighter Heavy

Great mass and base modifiers allow this ship to be utilized for PvP, having such great mass and modifiers is at the expense of a hitbox that is larger than PvP interceptors that share similar modifiers. Great ship for Ace of Aces (Legends collection).



An Imperial’s go-to PvP ship, it has a low mass limit meaning every point counts equipping it. Coupled with the fact it has two gun slots means it’s one of the hardest ships to kit out well in the game. It also has one of the largest hitboxes for an interceptor in the game.



A good ship for both PvE and PvP, it has mediocre base modifiers which means for PvP it requires a lot of practice and of course a good engine! It is mainly used for the PvE though and performs well. Note: not a beginners PvP ship.



I thought I would mention this ship because of its three missile launcher slots, the TIE-Bomber outclasses this ship in every way possible excluding the fact it has two additional launchers over the TIE-Bomber. Same rules apply as the TIE-Bomber but the ship leans more towards PvP for the aforementioned reasons. 



The staple ship of the discerning Imperial pilot. This ship is meant to match the modifiers of the Advanced X-Wing but many pilots notice a slight underperformance in comparison. Do not let this taint your view though all round it is one of the best Imperial ships in the game. A high mass limit, three gun slots, and good modifiers means this ship is well-suited for both PvE and PvP equally.


Royal Guard Interceptor (RGI)

Obtained through completing a questline on kashyyyk, this ship is devastating in a PvP setting. Due to it’s one gun slot though it does not fare well in PvE. It has extremely good base modifiers and one of the best slides in the game. It also has a great mass limit. Do not be surprised if pilots call out your skill if you do well flying it as a newcomer.


1.2 Rebel Ships

Z-95 Headhunter Heavy

Great mass and base modifiers allow this ship to be utilized for PvP, having such great mass and modifiers is at the expense of a hitbox that is larger than PvP interceptors that share similar modifiers. Great ship for Ace of Aces (Legends collection). Note: It is not as popular as the other two heavy variants.


Y-Wing Longprobe

Similar in concept and use case as the TIE-Bomber the Y-Wing (Longprobed version) is good at both PvE and PvP, it has a rather steep learning curve just like the TIE-Bomber too for PvP. The Lonprobe version swaps out the original turret for an extra pilot controlled gun to give it a total of two gun slots. Note: not a beginners PvP ship.



Just like the Imperials have the TIE-Advanced, the Alliance have the iconic A-Wing. It has the same mass limit as the other small interceptors and great modifiers. The A-Wing has the third smallest hitbox in the game and with some postulating, the ship is off center making it extremely hard to hit. When fitted and flown well it can dominate a PvP environment.


X-Wing Advanced

Some say this is the best ship in the game in terms of all around performance and usability. It has three gun slots and the mass to support them with extra room for the best defence and engines. It has a larger hitbox than most of its opponents within a PvP setting but with the ability to equip some of the biggest shields that doesn’t count for much. Great for PvE too, also it's an X-Wing, what more can we say!



Primarily used for PvE, the B-Wing can also be used for PvP when fitted and flown right. It has four gun slots, and they are pilot controlled. This is both a blessing and a curse for this ship because it is both a hard and expensive fit, having that many guns requires you to have a capacitor to support it and when not using the best parts the ship can underperform drastically by using unviable components to make the right ones fit. Some pilots opt for Experimental Borstels that can be purchased with space invasion tokens to minimize the taxation that four guns have on their capacitor. Note: not a beginners PvP ship.



The T-Wing is almost an identical clone of the Imperials RGI and widely regarded as one of the ugliest ships in the game. However, don’t let its knock-off Battlestar Galactica chassis fool you, the T-Wing can be a formidable PvP ship. Just like the RGI you can purchase this using space invasion tokens. Due to the one gun slot however it is not suited for PvE and finds its use solely in a PvP environment. 


1.3 Neutral ships (note: SWG Legends a large number of ships have had their Mass Limit increased)

Scyk Heavy

Great mass and base modifiers allow this ship to be utilized for PvP, having such great mass and modifiers is at the expense of a hitbox that is larger than PvP interceptors that share similar modifiers. Great ship for Ace of Aces (Legends collection).



Freelancer pilots get this early in the profession wheel, and is an extremely good leveling ship, for this reason it gets sorely overlooked for ace level content. It has very good base mods for its high mass limit, the trade off is a little larger than average hitbox for its class. Pilots can pack in all the good high cert components in this ship and thus is very good for PvP but lacks a little for PvE due to not having three gun slots.


Naboo N1

The Freelancers answer to the A-Wing and TIE-Advanced, sporting similar bass modifiers and mass limit as the others means its an extremely good ship for PvP when fitted right. The N1’s hitbox is smaller than the TIE-Advanced but quite a bit bigger than the A-Wing. It has a single gun like the A-Wing and will be fitted the same.



This ship is an excellent way to get into PvP, it has interceptor base modifiers with an extremely large mass limit in comparison. It only has one gun slot so PvE is generally a no go but for PvP you can fit everything in this ship including the kitchen sink, and yes, I’m talking about a level10 weapon, engine, shield and armor. It is considered a crutch ship by the community for these reasons.



Good speed, mass limit and modifiers for its size, the Ixiyen is a very good PvE ship with its ability to equip two guns and two missile launchers, while it’s not as popular as the X-Wing or TIE-Defender which it supposedly matches by class it is still a solid ship and championed by some. PvP it can work too, but it requires some skill and practice to handle its size.



This is a generally underrated ship and with a little love can achieve the same level of performance as the Kimoglia and Krayt ships. It sits a little lower on mass limit compared to those mentioned and needs a few higher quality parts to fit everything needed. Primarily a PvP ship but some fly in PvP and usually handled to great effect, it is a jousting ship, so no turn fighting. Note: not a beginners PvP ship.



Another generally overlooked ship, this is because before the changes to pitch, roll and yaw to the krayt on Legends it actually had the same base modifiers but a lower mass limit. It is a tad smaller too, but not enough to make up for the mass limit the krayt has. Since the changes on Legends there is an undeniable advantage to choosing the Kimoglia over the krayt, if your parts are of a high quality. This is primarily a PvE ship and rarely seen in PvP.



The backbone of PvE farming is the Krayt, with the ability to fit a mining capacitor and heavy shielding with a complement of three cert eight or ten weapons means this ship is devastating in PvE so much so that it has drawn the ire of many pilots wishing a more authentic and challenging experience. The Kimoglia and Rihkxyrk can fit the same functionality as the Krayt but they require a certain high quality in their parts to do so, the Krayt is an extremely easy and cheap ship to fit using heavier and subsequently lower quality parts. This is primarily a PvE ship and rarely seen in PvP.


1.4 Neutral Ships

ETA Actis-2 (JSF)

One of the most controversial SWG ships of all time, this ship caused a lot of drama on Live and it does to a certain extent still, although on Legends it’s PvP damage reduction has been removed. It has the smallest hitbox in the game, a large mass limit, two gun slots and interceptor modifiers. It is such a good ship I have seen a pilot solo end game content designed for teams using it.


B22 Belbalub (Grievious)

The B22 statistics and modifiers are identical to the JSF but it is much larger and because of this it doesn’t get the wrap the JSF does, however it is still considered a crutch ship for the same reasons, so don’t be surprised if your skill is called out because of this fact.



Obtained through the completion of the Nova Orion quest chain this is another small chassis interceptor, it is the second smallest ship in the game and has the a similar feel and fit to the N1 or A-Wing, However it has S-Foils meaning that when your guns are firing you will have a slower speed. 


KSE Firespray

This ship has not done well - it underperforms in almost every aspect when compared to other ships, it’s base modifiers are not great, it has a really big hitbox, and it has bad gun spread. When you do direct comparison to the Ixiyen for instance, it is inferior in every regard. However, don’t let that deter you if you really want to fly it. I know a few pilots that are pretty good in them, just expect a handicap and grow some nerves of steel if you want to PvP in it, as it is primarily a PvE ship.


Step 2: Understanding Components: Crafted, Special Schematics, & Reverse Engineered


“Some moof-milker installed a compressor on the ignition line!” 

Han Solo


2.1 Crafted Components

While crafted components have their advantages and disadvantages, unlike other crafting professions in the game shipwrights are in a unique situation. For the most part, crafted components are not really used in end-game space combat. The Mark I-V ship components are great for leveling up to ace pilot, but beyond that aren’t really used. Most of the components you can craft will have a looted or reverse engineered equivalent that will be on par or better in terms of stats. However like everything else there are exceptions to everything. Exemptions may include crafted boosters, droid interfaces (always), Missile Launchers (only craftable) and the ammunition to go with them, and countermeasures. 


Some of the crafted components that are very useful to any aspiring pilot come in the form of a schematic which can be obtained in a variety of ways. We will cover this in the next section. 


2.2 Collection, Looted, & Purchased Schematics


There are a plethora of ship part schematics that you can acquire throughout your adventures in space. Some of these are completely useless and have zero value, while others are coveted, invaluable treasures.


All of these schematics will have to be crafted by a shipwright in order to be used. They vary in how, and where you acquire them. Some of these schematics include the Chepat Shield (looted from convoy crates), Experimental Borstel Disruptor (GCW2 Vendor), Nova Engine (Vendor at Nova Orion), Kuat Boosters (Collection completion), and Deepwell Capacitors (Collection Completion). 


You’ve probably come across collection pieces that look like ship components, but activate a collection for that part (e.g. A Flawed KSE Mark I Capicitor). On completion these collections award a schematic that can be crafted by a shipwright. 


There are more to list however the list is long you will learn quickly which ones people will pay for or use. 


2.3 Reverse Engineered


Reverse engineered space parts are a pilot’s bread and butter. Every looted component will have a “Ship Equipment Certification” and “Reverse Engineer Level”. When it comes to a looted part the only part that matters for the two level types is the Reverse Engineer level. Reverse engineered parts are a culmination of multiple pieces of the same reverse engineer level, taking the best stats from each part. This allows pilots to create parts that are the best combination of stats from their looted parts. This process is simple once you understand how to do it.


Reverse engineering these parts even gives a small boost to all the stats! Contact any shipwright for reverse engineering your parts, and most of them will do it for almost nothing. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping the parts into a revere engineering tool.


Here is an example of a common issue that you will encounter that will still catch even the most savvy spacer off guard once in a while. Say for instance that you loot a reactor. The stats on the item match that of a common reverse engineer level 6 part, however this part has a slight variance and the ship equipment certification level is 8. The part itself is a level 8 cert, however it is a level 6 part with level 6 stats. Meaning that you have to be certified (completed the box in pilot) for level 8 parts to use it. The Reverse Engineer level indicates its stat capabilities, and what it has to be matched with in order to complete a project.

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Step 3: Reverse Engineering in the 21st Century - The STC.TXT 


“The archives are comprehensive and totally secure, my young Jedi. One thing you may be absolutely sure of - if an item does not appear in our records, it does not exist!” 

Madame Jocasta Nu


STC.txt is an externally created alias file used in game. It is a comprehensive guide to space parts. It helps you figure out what to keep and what to send to the chassis dealer. The STC contains a database of each individual stat for each level and type of part. It is a tool that can be used, in game, to determine what percentile a given stat is in for that part and level (i.e. how rare a given looted piece is).


3.1 Installation


Installing it is easy. 

Download it
Drag it into your SWG Install folder
Restart your client if the game is open
Once in game, type in chat “/load stc.txt” and hit enter

Now the STC has been activated for use in this login. 


3.2 commands


Using the STC is very simple. Each type of part has its own designation as well as level. 


B = Booster

C = Capacitor

E = Engine

W = Weapon

S = Shield

A = Armor

D = Droid Interface

R = Reactor

1 = RE Level 1

2 = RE Level 2

3 = RE Level 3

4 = RE Level 4

5 = RE Level 5

6 = RE Level 6

7 = RE Level 7

8 = RE Level 8

9 = RE Level 9

0 = RE Level 10


3.3 How to use the STC


To find our stats the command is simple. We will use Engines as an example. You loot an RE level 8 engine, the stats are as follows:

Armor: 568.0

Hitpoints: 568.0

Reactor Energy Drain: 1899.1

Mass: 29996.5

Pitch Rate Maximum: 68.1

Yaw Rate Maximum: 74.6

Roll Rate Maximum: 68.7

Engine Top Speed: 95.1

Reverse Engineering Level: 8

Now In the chat you will type /e8_95. E represents engine, 8 represents RE level, 95 represents the percentile in which the stats will meet. You will get a bunch of what at first looks like gibberish in your chatbox. It’ll look a bit like this. (placeholder for image)


Now comparing the stats from the engine we looted versus the stats in our chat we can see that none of the stats except for Yaw meet the minimum number in that chat. So now we can try /e8_99 which will give the same result however this time will show the stat percentages for 99% (placeholder for image)

Now if we compare, again the Yaw the stats in chat we can see that the Yaw still exceeds the stats in our chat. When the stat of an item exceeds 99% the part is not broken, but more valuable depending on how high above 99% it is. Or in some cases how rare the item is. The term for this is “unicorn” and these types of parts vary from single digit millions to billions in credit value depending on the part. 


Now that you know how to use the stc to evaluate your part. You take to discord if you wished to sell this beauty of an engine. You would get a price check to see how valuable it is exactly. If you wish to keep the part that is entirely your choice. Anything that does not meet the minimum of 95% on at least one stat is useless other than filler and should be taken to a chassis dealer.


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Step 4: Building a Viable Loadout


“You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought.”

Princess Leia Organa


Unless you want to go down faster than a padawan at the Jedi Temple during Order 66 you’re going to need at least a decent ship. This section will give you a general idea for a few different starter builds that are more than sufficient to get you started. 


4.1 The MandalMotors M22-T Krayt Gunship


With a maximum mass of 329k this ship allows for alot of freedom when it comes to mass and can fit some seriously unconventional parts. Some parts may include a mining capacitor, and Chepat Shield while allowing you to still fit some serious firepower and a high speed engine. Here is an example of an inexpensive version of a starter Krayt. Loadout pictures courtesy of Durgan (UMBRA), & Jak’al


(placeholder for image)

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4.2 The Incom T65 X-Wing Starfighter (Advanced X-wing), and Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Defender


The Adv X-Wing and TIE Defender are worthy adversaries and well rounded ships. Boasting 180k Mass and 3 gun slots an end game loadout for one of these 2 ships can prove extremely useful. Here is an example of a bare bones loadout you can use to do some end game content. (placeholder for image)


Now that we have a starter loadout out of the way here are examples of the same ships and their end game counterparts

(placeholder for multiple images)

Step 5: Droid Commands - “Intensify forward firepower!!”


    “Alright R4… no no no.. woah! Nothing to fancy”

                General Obi-wan Kenobi


5.1 Intensifying Forward Firepower. 


Every veteran pilot will tell you that droid commands are important, and they are correct. If you managed to hit ace, you probably already know about them. You can think of droid commands as essentially your “buffs” for space. They should always be active and have no setbacks. They will flat out make all of your ship parts better. This guide will tell you which commands are most important for your loadout to squeeze out every last drop of usefulness. 


Engine Overload 4 - This command gives you a large boost to your engines Top Speed and Yaw Pitch and Roll. The exact numbers equate to “Speed & Yaw, Pitch, Roll x 1.4, Drain x 10.00”


Reactor Overload 4 - This command gives you a massive boost to your reactors Generation Rate. The exact numbers equate to “Generation Rate x 1.9”


Weapon Overload 4 - This command gives your weapons a massive Damage boost. The exact numbers equate to “Damage x 3.00, Drain & EPS x 5.00” 


Capacitor Overcharge 4 - This command allows your capacitor to store an increased amount of energy and increases your Recharge Rate. The exact numbers equate to “Capacitor Energy & Recharge x 2.00”


Capacitor to Shield Shunt 3 - This command takes approximately 75% of your capacitors stored energy and effectives “heals” your front and rear shield hit points


Front Shield Reinforcement Moderate, & Light - This command takes a portion of your Rear Shield Hitpoints and places them on the Front. Think of this like a “life steal” like ability.


Rear Shield Reinforcement Moderate, & Light - This command takes a portion of your Front Shield Hitpoints and places them on the Rear. Think of this like a “life steal” like ability. 


Hyperspace Algorithm for Deep Space - This command requires your ship to be at a standstill, however it eliminates the requirement for having to speak with a station to hyperspace to Deep Space.


Hyperspace Algorithm for Kessel - This command requires your ship to be at a standstill, however it eliminates the requirement for having to speak with a station to hyperspace to Kessel.


Step 6: I've done all that now what?


Now that you have the tools you need to do end game content it's time explore the different things you can do. Rather than break this into sections I will give you a list of things that are available.


    • Convoys - 2 part. In order to do a convoy you need an interdiction burst generator which come in schematic form. They can be purchased from a vendor on Nova Orion station, looted from a convoy crate, or purchased from a player. Once you have those you will need a convoy slight plan. There are 6 levels of flight plan. Levels 1 to 5 are supposed to be done solo, while level 6 requires a group. 
  • Duty missions - if you leveled to ace at one point or another you have done a duty mission. These come in a full spectrum of difficulties and each difficulty is more rewarding than the last. 
  • Nova Orion questline - started at the station in Ord Mantel this questline is not for the feint of heart and will test your skills as a pilot. 
  • Space Battles - These bad boys can be tough but are very rewarding, beware though that there are PvE and PvP space battles. There should be a schedule of the battles and which system they are in, on discord. 


Credits & Disclaimer


First Edition: 2020-07-23

Revisions: N/A


Revisions will be made on a case by case basis and as needed to keep in line with SWG: Legends, when required. Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact one of the people mentioned in the credits.


Drexian Turu (Discord: VikingMando#5511)

Corsair Mydanil (Discord: Ackaos#7743)

GothicJawa (Discord: Gothicjawa™#1337)


I cant figure out how to get the images onto the forum post so heres the original copy we wrote on google docs.

And how would one go about getting an STC.txt download…?

This is a Legends JTL guide and a lot of the info is incorrect and should not be here. The OP needs to edit things.. I mean saying about the Chepat and Krayts mass etc should not be on here


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