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Commando thoughts

I wasn't 100% sure what to title this post, as it is just a list of observations and ideas. Some of these things that I feel are bugs might be intentional, just putting them all in one place.

(Also, these notes are from prior to the main Resto3 server going live on May 28th, so they could change quickly)


  • Grenades are currently not very interesting or effective. It would be cool if they eventually had more utility effects, such as adding status effects like stuns/intimidates/bleeds/knockdowns etc.
  • The variety of weapons available to Commando should be their strength rather than mostly relying on a single damage-over-time ability. It would be fun if the various Elemental weapons available to Commando had a more noticeable difference. Currently Heavy Weapons are really only differentiated by their main stats (dmg, speed, range) and their Elemental effects are barely noticeable, especially when most mobs and players have the same resistances to all elemental types of damage.
  • The animations for many of the Heavy Weapons could use a small re-work as they tend to either be barely noticeable or take up the majority of the screen. (not sure if this is possible, just a thought)


Potential bugs:

  • Heavy Weapon Speed and Heavy Weapon Accuracy skill mods currently have no effect, as far as I can tell.
  • Overkill Shot has a very long warm-up timer that does not seem to mesh with the amount of damage it does. Also, being an ability that just does regular damage makes it feel kind of boring when in direct competition for ability time with other damaging abilities. It could use a more unique effect for such a long warm-up timer, if increasing the damage does not make sense. For example, it could apply some sort of status effect, or DoT so switching to other abilities after leading with Overkill Shot feels more connected.


This is just a short start and I will add to this post when other things come up!

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