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Colored Enzymes


           Can someone tell me what these are used for ? Says put in incubator ? Total trash or have use ?

To the best of my knowledge, they're used by Bio-Engineers, for the creation of pets. However, I am not a Bio-Engineer. So I can't be certain of this. 

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ok ill bag a ton up and give away instead of deleting


Yourw correct these are used by BIo Engineers in incubators to make pets. High end pets will need Isomeserae enzymes, the only ones worth money are 85% or more, with 89.5%+ going for a bit more. For Lyase enzymes, stat of 11 are the only ones worth keeping. If you have any 89%+ feel free to message me on Discord on LordKorto as I’ll happily buy some from you. 

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