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Carcosa's Crafting Mile - Your one stop shop!

Welcome to Carcosa's Crafting Mile on Dantooine! This post will be an edited information dump to help you find the goods you're looking for in the big wide galaxy.

  • Juspar's Emporium
    Bespoke Ranged Weapons and Starship Chassis for the discerning individual
    /waypoint -691 -570 Dantooine
    Will buy space drops at 50% of NPC, and single use weapon schematics at negotiable prices
  • D's Foodstuffs
    Low priced food with higher end food and drink on the way now
    /waypoint -716, -436 Dantooine
    Great prices on food with higher end foods and drinks landing soon!
  • Wynter's Armor Emporium
    Working on server best armor and personal shield generators, primarily assault armor now, recon coming soon!
    /waypoint -570, -494 Dantooine (the Vornskr Ranger's Guild Hall)
    Taking customer orders, mail to Wynter in-game. Maxed primus layered composite sets at 6812/4812 resist for 250k credits, 2428/63 PSGs at 100k credits.
  • Effin'Threads
    Your must-visit fashion stop, cheap tailor made factory components, backpacks, jewelry, and house decorations. You only make a first impression once, come on by to make sure you're looking your best!
    /waypoint -741, -576
    Always buying hides! Any Quality! Buying looted clothing lvl21+ 2-5k a piece, depending on stats. Please put all offers up on vendor! Thank you 💕

    ...and many more (to be added)

    We're also always looking for new crafters to add to our city, if you're interested please /tell Arc in game, or reach out over Discord @Duzenbury#0619

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