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Blackwater Security forces

Guild Name: Blackwater Security Force Contacts: Baratta In game Contacts: Kujette, Nubail, Cailly, Corwin Faction Affiliation: Imperial PvE/PvP/Crafting Focus: PVE, PVP and all crafter types, Pilots, all end game content and yes leveling spin groups to help you get 80 fast. Description: Many of us currently in our guild came from Lowca and other old school SWG servers from years ago. Most of us are old school SWG players 30-70 years of age looking for members who want to enjoy this new version of SWG together. Level 5 Crafting city with mall and all amenities based on Lok. Discord contact is Baratta#7877 DM me with interests All imperial and Neutral players welcome.

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