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Bio-engineer pets and clothing

So I mastered bio-engineering and I thought the fun was about to begin...

But how do I create pets from DNA? And how to create bio-engineered clothing?

Cannot find anywhere how to do it.

This is not really how I remember the class.

You will need to load the DNA into an incubator and use multiple different enzymes over a series of phases to create an egg.

BE clothing to craft needs Medical experimentation and assembly.

A BE suit to create pets needs the following

3 SEAs with Focused Enzyme Manipulation (currently not available in game)

3 SEAs with Fervent Mutation (currently not available in game)

3 SEAs with Incubation Timer Reduction

I know this is brief, but hit me on discord and I can go over it in more details (LordKorto) - I am planning on getting a detailed guide to pin to the channel but so far RL is kicking my a$$

I am also interested in how *exactly* you make BE clothing. I looked it up and found a SWG-live Tailor guide, which stated that BE tissues are to be added to certain cloth components that are later added to the clothing during creation. However... there *is* no slot for the addition of BE tissues when making those stated components (Reinforced fiberplast and Synthetic Cloths).

Was it removed and BE clothing is a thing of the past? Are BE enhanced foods and animal creation all is useful for now? Or am I missing something? I have tried to create the cloth using my personal Clothing/Armor Crafting station with the corresponding crafting device... but can't find a way to add the tissues to the cloth.


Also, if SEAs are needed to create the perfect BE suit... when can we expect them to be available IG?

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